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London, 19 Mar - A current senior official at the State Department, Chris Backemeyer, who serves as deputy assistant secretary for Iranian affairs under Secretary Rex Tillerson, was intimately involved in convincing public and private agencies of the Iran deal’s merits. Allegedly, he was a key component of the operation to sell the Iran nuclear deal to the American people.

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London, 15 Mar - Donald Trump welcomed the Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the White House earlier this week, in what has been called a “historic turning point”.

A senior adviser to the Crown Prince gave a statement after the meeting, in which he noted that this marked a shift in relations compared with the relationship under President Obama.

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London, 10 Mar - Baquer Namazi, 80, is a former Iranian governor who fled his country after the 1979 revolution. He arrived in the United States in 1983. He had a very successful career with UNICEF that took him all over the world. He and his wife decided to retire in Iran where he would dedicate his time to helping eradicate poverty.

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London, 15 Mar - The Turkish Ambassador to Iran warned that the Regime’s smear campaigns against Turkey were harmful to diplomatic relations.

Riza Hakan Tekin told Anadolu News Agency that tourism allows people to experience the culture of another country and encourages diplomatic relations but that Iran endangered this when their Foreign Ministry warned Iranians against visiting Turkey during the upcoming Nowruz (Iranian New Year) holiday.

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London, 15 Mar - The Iranian Regime is still trying to showcase its military power in an attempt to threaten countries like the US into kowtowing to their demands, but they certainly chose a strange way to do it.

Their new Karrar tank is decades behind the tanks of today; Kyle Mizokami actually called the Karrar tank “meh” in an article on Popular Mechanics.

However, this tank reveal could just be a hoax intended to get Iran a better deal on Russian armour. When a deal to buy several hundred T-90MS battle tanks from Russia fell through, Iran vowed to build their own.

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London, 7 Mar - Dozens more young people have been arrested in Iran this weekend for attending mixed-gender parties.

One party held on Saturday, March 4, in the Southwestern province of Khuzestan, was raided by police who arrested 14 girls and 20 boys.

The previous day, Mohsen Khancharli, the Chief of Police in Western Tehran, announced that they had raided a hen party and arrested the organisers.

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London, 15 Mar - The Iranian people held Fire Festival Ceremonies across various cities, on March 14, in which they burnt pictures of the Supreme Leader, ridiculed politicians, and chanted anti-Regime slogans.

The militant security forces attempted to stop people from holding a political protest during the festival but they were held off by protesters. The Regime effectively turned a celebration into a battlefield.

Mostafa, a taxi driver in Isfahan said: “Despite the authorities' efforts to stop this festival by scaring the people of [the risk of] fire to the buildings and themselves, nobody is listening and people are by all means ignoring mullahs' measures to stop the festivities.”

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London, 7 Mar - The Trump administration’s aggressive policy towards Iran, seeks to establish a unified front against Iranian expansionism but how will Egypt’s ever growing closeness to the Regime affect the coalition?

Haisam Hassanein, a Glazer Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and Wesam Hassanein, a master's candidate at the School of International Service at American University, explore this in an op-ed for The Hill.

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London, 14 Mar - The Iranian nuclear deal and uncertainty surrounding whether it will remain in place in causing divisions amongst the Iranian Regime ahead of the May Presidential Elections.

Heshmat Alavi, a political and human rights activist, wrote an op-ed on the divide for The Diplomat, in which he reminded us that while most governments deal with divides via debate and discussion, the Iranian Regime is not most governments.

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London, 5 Mar - Many crises face the Iranian regime just three months prior to elections. The dust storms in southwest Iran, are just one. The Munich Security Conference hit Tehran with some eye opening blows. Their interests seem in contrast with those of Russia, and their differences with Turkey are escalating. Perhaps most importantly, there is a new administration in Washington.

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London, 14 Mar - On Thursday, March 9, thousands of teachers took to the streets across 22 cities in Iran to protest their economic deprivation and the imprisonment of their fellow educators.

They held sit-ins in front of their local branches of the Ministry of Education, calling for their demands to be met.

They chanted slogans against the policies of suppression, repression and plundering which are carried out by the current Regime, and held signs the read: 'Detained Teachers Must be Freed’, ‘NO to Prison', 'Teachers’ future must be secured'.

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London, 5 Mar - The clerical regime in Iran supresses its citizens in many ways, but some of the biggest crackdowns have been in the form of censorship.

Iran has censored many websites and blocked many social media apps.

At the beginning of the year Iran used Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to direct traffic away from numerous sites by using false routes. One of the consequences of this was that users in Hong Kong were unable to access the websites.

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London, 13 Mar - Iran has developed a jamming device that can severe the electronic tie between the drone and its pilot, which could be used to counter US intelligence efforts.

This could be significant in the fight against the Iranian Regime as drones provide a healthy amount of intelligence in the region.

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London, 4 Mar - Lake Orumiyeh in north-western Iran – the largest salt-water lake to be found in the Middle East – was during the nineties twice the size as Luxembourg. The lake now, however, has drastically shrunk.

Masoud Tajrishi, the Director of planning and integration of the revival of the lake, criticised the Rouhani government for failing to meet its obligations. He said at the Sixteenth International Exhibition on Environment that the revival of Lake Orumiyeh will fail if the government does not provide funding.

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London, 13 Mar - Iran has repeatedly attacked or threatened the US, the UK and their Middle Eastern allies over the past few weeks.

On March 4, several Iranian assault crafts, which are under the control of Iran’s terror squad, the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), came too close to US Navy ships. A similar incident also happened on March 2, but a navy official told the Associated Press that these attacks happen on a regular basis.

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London, 3 Mar - Intelligence reports from the United States point to the possibility of Iran planning a large purchase of weapons as soon as the United Nations ban which prohibits the country from purchasing sophisticated weapons is lifted in 2020.

A report from the US Office of Naval Intelligence states that Iran will purchase submarines, warships and anti-ship missiles. In other words, the country will be looking to make purchases that it has been unable to acquire since the sanctions were first put in place by the United Nations.


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