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London, 20 Feb - Amid heightened political tensions between the United States and Iran, there is huge unrest in Khuzestan – Iran’s main oil field province.

The Iranian oil supplies are essential to the survival of the clerical regime running the country. Depriving it of the oil supplies spells the end of the regime.

Iran Focus

London, 18 Feb - Repeated periods of asphyxiating dust storms, lately accompanied by crippling power and water supply cuts, have aggravated public protests in the city of Ahvaz, southwestern province of Khuzestan, over past week.

Holding up placards saying "don't kill Khuzestan", "Ahvaz in blackout", "Karun River is dead" and asking for their right to breathe in a clean air along with people wearing masks, the crowd of dissenters demonstrated their opposition towards the city current situation.

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London, 13 Feb - The Iranian Regime held 300 exhibitions against the resistance group, MEK, in an increasingly desperate attempt to smear the Iranian Opposition.

This is believed to be in response to a report by the Regime’s Ministry of Intelligence which detailed the power of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK) and the progress they have made.

Iran Focus

London, 18 Feb - The European Parliament group - Friends of a Free Iran (FOFI) – held a conference on the occasion of the anniversary of the 1979 revolution in Iran. The conference took place on 15th February in Strasbourg and was chaired by MEP Gérard Deprez.

The guest speaker at the event was Mohammad Mohaddessin – renowned writer about Islamic fundamentalism and Iran and the chairman of the National Council of Resistance of Iran’s (NCRI) Foreign Affairs Committee. Mr Mohaddessin was also a political prisoner under the shah’s dictatorship.

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London, 13 Feb - Warning over the recent changes in international situation, regime’s sidelined band has called on Khamenei to accede to major overhaul within the regime.

Mostafa Tajzadeh, one of the figures close to regime’s sidelined band, has said that “one of the reasons it’s necessary to pay attention to national reconciliation, is the current international situation. With Trump in power, we (regime) is being threatened by some possibilities resolving which needs collaboration and coordination of all forces, as it seems that Trump is looking for an excuse to settle the accounts with Iran.”

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London, 17 Feb - New information about the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its training of new recruits was revealed by the National Council of Resistance (NCRI) earlier this week. The US representative office of the NCRI said in a press conference that the new recruits were being trained by the IRGC so they could work abroad.

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London, 13 Feb - Mohammad Reza Bahonar, Iran's former MP said even if all the sanctions were lifted, only 30 percent of the problems would be resolved.

Bahonar added that the army of the unemployed in our country was a serious threat to the nation's assets, and unfortunately every family has a couple of unemployed at home.

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London, 16 Feb - Politicians in Iran demand the resignation of the Minister of Energy, Hamid Chitchian, after the critical Khuzestan situation reveals governmental neglect.

A number of power stations in the Khuzestan province failed due to heavy dust and almost 100% humidity, resulting in water and electricity being cut off in most major cities there.

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London, 11 Feb - Donald Trump vowed on the campaign trail to renegotiate the terms of the Iran Deal but what impact will that have on the mullahs’ Regime?

Could it force them to back down and engage in peaceful relations with the rest of the world? Or could they bear down more on their already oppressed people?

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London, 15 Feb - The Iranian Regime’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, recently made a brazen statement about not ‘fearing’ the new US President, but they should be scared.

Turki Aldakhil, the General Manager of Al Arabiya News Channel, wrote an op-ed for Al Arabiya regarding Khamenei’s comments and how meaningless they are.

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London, 15 Feb - The Iranian Regime murdered tens of thousands of political dissidents within a ten-year period from their bloody takeover in 1979, including at least 30,000 during the summer of 1988, according to a source close to the Regime.

This was already made public by the Iranian Resistance but has now received confirmation.

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London, 8 Feb - As Trump rolls out his more controversial executive orders, many people in the US and around the world are waiting to see if Trump will stand by his Iran campaign promises, namely renegotiating the Iran deal.

Granted, his stance on Iran has already been a lot more aggressive than his predecessor, but what choice does he have? Iran had two separate ballistic missile tests in the two weeks since the inauguration.

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London, 14 Feb - Last week, the White House issued an unanticipated statement on Iran which was followed by increased sanctions against the Gulf country.

This was Trump’s red line on Iran.

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London, 8 Feb - The Iranian Resistance group, MEK has released a rebuttal to the misleading article by the Associated Press (AP) which use old allegations and misleading information to paint the MEK as terrorists.

The AP published their story, “Trump Cabinet pick paid by ‘cult-like’ Iranian exile group”, on February 5.

The Iranian opposition responded almost immediately asking for factual corrections to the story but as of February 7, the AP had not corrected of removed their article.

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London, 13 Feb - A recent piece in The Economist stated that Trump’s divisive rhetoric is helping the Iranian Regime, by showing the true face of America.

It alleges that his language drives moderates into the ranks of hardliners and will put more distance between Iran and America.

Iran Focus

London, 8 Feb - Ukraine is allowing Iran to evade an international arms embargo which is sanctioned by the UN, according to policy experts.

Emanuele Ottolenghi, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), and Boris Zilberman, the FDD deputy director of congressional relations wrote an op-ed for The Hill, explaining why Ukraine must enforce the sanctions against Iran.


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