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London, 16 Feb - The Syrian Civil War, which has been raging for nearly seven years, has earned two new rounds of peace talks, which will hopefully end the war.


The first talk will be held on February 16 in Astana, Kazakhstan. The two-day talk is expected to build on the talks held there in January between Syrian Governmental allies Russia and Iran, and Syrian Opposition supporters Turkey.

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London, 7 Feb - The next round of Syrian talks scheduled for Wednesday in Geneva has arrived. The final statement issued in Astana received a variety of reactions, most being positive as the text focused on cementing a ceasefire and the armed opposition participating in Geneva. The agreement also highlighted the sole possibility of a political solution for the Syria crisis.

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London, 18 Jan - After nearly six years of civil war, with thousands dead and tens of thousands wounded, a ceasefire has been reached between the Syrian Government and the armed Resistance Forces. It was agreed upon by Turkey, Syria and Russia but Iran, a key Bashar al-Assad ally was not involved in the peace negotiations, presumably because it had no interest in peace.

Heshmat Alavi, a human rights campaigner, noted that this ceasefire, which is still unstable, must be respected by the international community if it is to provide long-term peace.

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London, 20 Jan - Bana al-Abed a seven year-old Syrian girl and her mother Fatemeh have used Twitter to update the international community about the horrors of being in Syria. At the height of the siege their account went silent. Given their frequent posting, followers became very worried, especially because the last few messages had a dark tone suggesting the two had become resigned to death. Thankfully we know the pair have since been safely removed from Aleppo and they are back to using social media to raise awareness about the Syrian war.

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London, 14 Jan - The Iranian Regime and its support for the brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad is the greatest threat to peace in Syria and the Middle East as a whole, according to a British politician.

Lord Maginnis of Drumglass, a member of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom (BPCIF), wrote an op-ed on Politics Home accusing the Iranian Regime of propping up a failing regime, violating an internationally-agreed ceasefire and preventing civilians from leaving a war zone, all so that the mullahs could keep their stranglehold of the Gulf Region.


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