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London, 14 May - In a written testimony by Daniel Coats, US Director of National Intelligence, for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Thursday, he described the growing threat of Iran's missile program. “Iran's ballistic missiles are inherently capable of delivering WMD [weapons of mass destruction], and Tehran already has the largest inventory of ballistic missiles in the Middle East,” he wrote, adding, “We judge that Tehran would choose ballistic missiles as its preferred method of delivering nuclear weapons, if it builds them.” Coats also noted, “Iran continues to be the foremost state sponsor of terrorism.”

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London, 10 May - Iran is preparing to launch two new satellites into space, according to Iranian military leaders, but American national security experts believe that this may just be a cover-up for the test-firing of advanced intercontinental ballistic missile technology.

The Iranian Communications and Information Technology Minister Mahmoud Vaezi announced the proposed launch on Monday.

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London, 10 May - The Iranian Regime tested a high-tech torpedo near the Strait of Hormuz on Sunday, according to US officials.

The Iranian missile, called Hoot, is supposed to be based on a Russian model (the Soviet-era Russian VA-111 Shkval) which is considered to be the fastest in the world.

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London, 8 May - Thirteen US Senators have signed a letter calling for answers about the prisoner-swap scandal under the Obama administration in which seven Iranian prisoners in the US were exchanged for five US hostages in Iran.

The deal, which also allowed 14 fugitives to evade justice, was one of the most perplexing political deals in the US during Obama’s presidency as it may have jeopardised the non-proliferation effort to stop Iran from getting hold of nuclear weapons.

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London, 8 May - The House Oversight Committee has launched an investigation into the Obama administration for potentially undermining the U.S. counter-proliferation effort to thwart Iranian weapons trafficking networks, according to Politico.

Additionally, 13 Republican senators have demanded to know whether the Obama administration jeopardised U.S. national security as a result of the prisoner-swap scandal in which seven Iranian prisoners held in the US were exchanged for five US prisoners held in Iran.


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