Reuters: Iran's chief nuclear negotiator acknowledged on Wednesday that Tehran was in talks to renew its freeze of some sensitive nuclear activities.
Diplomats told Reuters in Vienna on Tuesday that Iran had agreed in principle to halt production, testing and assembly of uranium enrichment centrifuges. Washington says Iran plans to use the centrifuges to make bomb-grade material.

AFP: Citing little progress in ongoing talks on Iran's nuclear program, Secretary of State Colin Powell said Tuesday the United States wants to see the UN Security Council take up the issue.
"We believe that we have seen enough, that action is warranted, and the (International Atomic Energy Agency) should refer the matter to the Security Council at its upcoming meeting next week," he said.
The IAEA is scheduled to meet Monday to review Iran's nuclear program.

Washington Post: A series of secret weekend meetings in Vienna between Iranian and European diplomats led to a promise from Tehran yesterday to suspend some nuclear activities in exchange for improved trade with Britain, France and Germany, according to U.S and European diplomats.

Reuters: A U.S. official reacted skeptically Tuesday to reports of another Iranian agreement to halt sensitive nuclear activities, saying "they didn't adhere to the last one."
Diplomats in Vienna reported Tehran had agreed in principle to freeze production, testing and assembly of centrifuges in an apparent move to ease pressure ahead of a U.N. watchdog meeting next week.

AP: SAGHAND, Iran - Iran's campaign to develop nuclear fuel starts deep under this barren patch of desert, in a mine that engineers expect to start yielding uranium ore in less than two years.
Elsewhere in central Iran, the ore will be processed into yellowcake powder and then into uranium hexaflouride gas, and the gas injected into centrifuges to be enriched into fuel.


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