Iran Human RightsCouncil of Europe Lawmakers speak out against Iran’s human...

Council of Europe Lawmakers speak out against Iran’s human rights violations


 On 30 January 2015, more than 100 MPs and Senators from 47 countries who are members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the council of Europe signed a statement concerned with the situation of human rights in Iran.

 On 30 January 2015, more than 100 MPs and Senators from 47 countries who are members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the council of Europe signed a statement concerned with the situation of human rights in Iran.

The statement is an important document for members of the Council of Europe and how

it rightly views the situation of Iran and its impact on the people of Iran.

These courageous lawmakers have states that the Improvement of human rights and the haling of Iran’s interference in the region must stop. The regime must stop sponsoring terrorism and the countries of Europe must make these conditions binding, before any relations with Iran or any diplomatic engagement with it.

The group that quoted the human rights according to a December 2014 UN General Assembly resolution under the auspices of the UN Secretary General, and the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights.

The repressive situation is quite dire. More than 1200 individuals have been executed under President Rouhani. Women have been severely attacked with acid or knives by government-backed gangs and suffer the worst abuses with regards to political and social life. The economy is also suffering and all wealth is channelled into nuclear projects was well as interference in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon. The massacre of innocent people in the region must stop as crimes perpetrated by the IRGC Quds force have resulted in growth of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The MPs and Senators have come out in support of the 10-point plan of Maryam Rajavi, who is the National Council of Resistance of Iran’s (NCRI) President-elect. The plan calls for human rights, separation of religion and state, gender equality, abolishment of the death penalty, respect for international conventions, and a non-nuclear and democratic Iran. The support of from the MPs and Senators is a breakthrough for the NCRI that has been peacefully lobbying to end the tyranny of the mullahs of Tehran.

The statement urges Europe, USA, and UN are urged to take the following steps:
• “Iran’s human rights dossier be referred to UN Security Council;
• Iran’s militias be expelled from Iraq and Syria;
• Nuclear agreement should include full implementation of Security Council resolutions, and acceptance of the Additional Protocol;
• Camp Liberty, home to Iranian exiles in Iraq, be recognized as refugee camp under supervision of UNHCR and specially medical and fuel siege be ended.”

This is a landmark statement that encourages the Western powers to wake up to the treat that Iraq poses to not just the Middle but to the western world. The regime is clearly and vocally anti-West and it is only biding its time till it uses all its military development to rake over Iraq and build Iran into a global power led by the Ayatollah in opposition to western ideals of democracy and human rights.

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