Iran General NewsThe Painful Reality of COVID-19 Vaccinations in Iran

The Painful Reality of COVID-19 Vaccinations in Iran


The coronavirus outbreak officially started in Iran in February 2020, while signs of the outbreak were visible from a month before. According to the Director of the World Health Organization Medical Emergency Program, the situation of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran changed from white to yellow just in a month.

In March 2020, the regime’s then-President Hassan Rouhani said that the virus has spread in all provinces. In the middle of the same month, Iran was the second most involved country with the virus after China. This expansion trend has continued until today.

Despite this situation, the regime’s official not only tried to stop the expansion of the virus but used it as a tool to prevent the people’s protests with its help and the fear caused by it.

Because of this decision, more than any other country in the world Iran is witnessing continuously new peaks of the virus.

Now we are witnessing the darkest days in Iran, so bad that even officials are confessing the death toll has exceeded the death toll of the Iran-Iraq war.

The state-run Aftab News agency wrote on Friday, September 10, quoting Bahram Ainollahi, the regime’s health minister, “Today, unfortunately, due to coronavirus, we are witnessing bad scenes and 600 families are mourning every day, which is more than eight years of war with Iraq.”

Many officials are confessing that the real number is seven times more than the official statistics. The official death toll is now more than 110,000 people.

According to the head of Iran’s Red Crescent Karim Hemati, some 22.62 million vaccines have been imported. But out of this number, 4.45 million were donated by China and Japan.

The interesting part of the vaccines story in Iran is that many of its officials claimed that they would make Iran a pole in vaccine production while introducing about 7 kinds of vaccines, but what in reality happened is that now Iran has the highest mortality rate, and none of the domestic vaccines become operational.

The first vice president Mohammad Mokhber recently claimed that until the end of August the government would distribute 50 million doses of the Barkat vaccine, but this didn’t happen. Even such a thing was to happen in the coming months, no one would trust and use any of the vaccines because they do not have any international credibility.

Now the country is entering the sixth peak and since the start of the new government led by the infamous Ebrahim Raisi, about 17,000 people have lost their lives with an increasing trend.

Speaking about a disaster in Iran when entering the sixth peak, Mohamad Reza Mohbub Far, an expert in the field of health, said:

“The sixth peak of the coronavirus is now on its way, and if the current situation is not taken seriously, we will soon see a more terrible humanitarian catastrophe in Iran than the fifth peak.”

He added that now more than 70 percent of the people of the Middle East have been vaccinated.

Below is the latest situation of the vaccination in the Middle East at the time when is text was prepared:

  • Qatar; 67.46% of the two doses, 13.11% of the first dose, total: 80.57%
  • Turkey; 41.62% of two doses, 12.85% of the first dose, total: 54.47%
  • Bahrain; 63.34% of the two doses, 3.27% of the first dose, total: 66.61%
  • Jordan; 26.89% of two doses, 5.99% of the first dose, total: 32.88%
  • Lebanon; 14.93% of two doses, 3.65% of the first dose, total: 18.58%
  • Oman; 15.58% two doses, 26.64% first dose, total: 42.22%
  • Palestine; 8.43% two doses, 4.28% first dose, total: 12.71%
  • Saudi Arabia; 36.38% of two doses, 25.20% of the first dose, total: 61.58%
  • United Arab Emirates; 74.10% of the two doses, 10.10% of the first dose, total: 84.20%
  • As for Iran; 5.22% of the two doses, 13.25% of the first dose, total: 18.47%

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