Iran General NewsIRGC’s Drug Mafia, More Fatal Than the Coronavirus

IRGC’s Drug Mafia, More Fatal Than the Coronavirus


The Iranian government’s propaganda apparatus is presenting a picture of Iran whereby all the cities and provinces are getting out of a critical coronavirus situation and the numbers of infected people and victims are decreasing.

State media is trying to normalize the two-digit number of over 80 victims per day. About the new variant of the coronavirus, they are saying contradictory things and claiming that the people are responsible for any new peak in the country.

Masoud Younesian, a member of the Scientific Committee of the Government Headquarters for Combating the Coronavirus, said on December 5, on the state TV Channel 5 regarding the new variant of the Coronavirus:

“We have not had any reports from inside the country so far. But having not any report, cannot be considered the virus did not enter the country.”

However, the lifespan of this claim was just one day. As reported by the state-run daily Hamdali, on December 6, Mohamadreza Mahboobfar, a health expert in the regime, stated that “It cannot be said with certainty that no new virus has been observed in Iran” and reminded that “regarding the delta virus and the fifth peak of the disease, the disease was widespread in the country, but the technology and laboratory equipment available in the country could not detect the virus, and therefore, no report on the disease was published and the Ministry of Health and the National Anti-Coronavirus Taskforce they denied the fifth peak.”

Mahboobfar revealed the regime’s secrecy about the spread of the virus in the country and said:

“The arrival of Omicron in the country is certain. Worrying reports are circulating about students suffering from the coronavirus. Statistics released by the Ministry of Health and the National Coronavirus Taskforce and the Mask app, which is affiliated with these two government agencies, cannot be trusted.

“In Isfahan alone, in the last two weeks, unfortunately, three journalists and media activists have lost their lives due to coronavirus and despite receiving two doses of vaccine, or in the last 25 days, out of a total of 515 visits to schools in Qom province, 7 classes due to the positive test of 48 students has been closed.”

Even before the new variant enters the country the regime’s officials are shrugging off the burden of responsibility of any disaster in the country – something that is concerning experts about the possibility of the spread of the new virus in the country.

On the same TV program, Younesian said: “Countries that do not do enough genetic sequencing tests are naturally aware that the virus has entered those countries and they have not reported. Given that it has been reported in eastern Iran, in western Iran, and southern Iran on the Asian continent, reason, and logic dictate that we assume that it has either entered our country or will enter soon.”

Now this question is raised, why is the government not reacting to the arrival of the new virus? The response to this question can be read in the state-run daily Hamdeli:

“Even though citizens of eight African countries were banned from entering the country, there were reports that the ban was broken in the port (formerly Shapur) of Khuzestan. It was reported yesterday that even though citizens of India, Pakistan, and South Africa were not allowed to enter, the port police issued visas to these citizens and allowed them to leave the ship and enter the city.

“The issue, which despite recent warnings of a ban on people from these countries, seems to be a deliberate incident in which we can even see the traces of the drug mafia.”

A mafia that is in the hands of the regime’s Revolutionary Guards, which does not care about the people’s lives and safety, like before when at the start of the pandemic the supreme leader Ali Khamenei used this virus as a weapon against the people and their protests, by not canceling the Mahan Air flights to China which were serving the IRGG’s goals. Now this time the drug mafia is following this goal.

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