Iran General NewsRice resists seeking talks with Iran

Rice resists seeking talks with Iran


AP: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says now is not the time for the United States to talk to adversary Iran and that the United States is not trying to escalate a confrontation over Iraq. Associated Press


AP Diplomatic Writer

BERLIN (AP) – Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says now is not the time for the United States to talk to adversary Iran and that the United States is not trying to escalate a confrontation over Iraq.

The top U.S. diplomat, in Europe to debrief German and British leaders on Mideast peacemaking efforts, said Iran is apparently not ready to accept a conditional U.S. offer to join European talks over its nuclear program.

Rice was meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Thursday before diplomatic sessions in London.

“For reasons that perhaps the Iranians understand, they’ve been unable to take up that offer because they refuse to do what the international community insists that they do,” Rice said Wednesday, a reference to a United Nations demand that Iran roll back nuclear activities.

Until the Iranians comply, “this is not the time to break a long-standing American policy of not engaging with the Iranians bilaterally,” Rice said during a press conference with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Allies in Europe and elsewhere, numerous lawmakers and the bipartisan Iraq Study Group have all urged President Bush to engage Iran and Syria in hopes those nations could help curb violence in neighboring Iraq. The administration refuses, saying both nations would demand too high a price.

The United States is building up its troops in the region in what appears to be a message to Iran. Last week, U.S. troops captured six Iranians working at a liaison office in the northern city of Irbil. One of the six was released; the rest were said to be connected to an Iranian Revolutionary Guard faction that funds and arms insurgents in Iraq.

“The United States is not escalating this in Iraq,” Rice said. “We are simply responding to the fact that there are Iranian efforts to assist those who are building explosive devices that are dangerous to our forces.”

Continuing an intensified push to bring Israelis and Palestinians closer to peace, Rice said both sides will need international help to bridge “difficult moments.”

“Undoubtedly they will reach difficult moments, they will reach times when things are not moving forward,” Rice said in announcing that U.S., German and other diplomats will convene a Mideast strategy session early next month in Washington.

The meeting of the United States, European Union, Russia and the United Nations will come before a U.S.-backed summit in the Mideast among Rice, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Rice came to the German capital after five days in the Mideast spent pushing a renewed Mideast peace process and seeking support for Bush’s new Iraq plan.

In Jerusalem and the West Bank, Rice won agreement for a three-way meeting she said would help build confidence after years of fighting. Rice was careful to repeat that that session does not supplant a dormant 2003 peace plan, although it skips past difficult requirements the plan makes of each side.

The group gathering in Washington represents would-be administrators of the plan, which Israelis and Palestinians have endorsed but never put in force. The group has become something of a Greek chorus as the mood between Israel and the Palestinians generally soured over the past three years and as Abbas struggles for internal control against Palestinian Hamas radicals.

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