Life in Iran TodayAnalyzing ‘Deprivation’ From the View of Iran’s Officials

Analyzing ‘Deprivation’ From the View of Iran’s Officials


Iran, one of the richest countries in the world, is thanks to the mullahs’ rule one of the most deprived countries too. Mohammad Omid, the Deputy of Rural and Deprived Areas of Iran, in his latest statement claimed that due to their efforts (the 11-12th government) they have decreased the deprived areas of the country from 75 percent in 2009 to 25 percent in 2021, which is a decrease of 50 percent.

“In 2009, about 75 percent of the land of Iran was a deprived area, but according to the latest confirmed statistics, now about 25 percent of the territory of Iran is a deprived area and we are witnessing a 50 percent reduction in this deprivation in the country.” (Entekhab, July 3, 2021)

He counted the indicators of this ‘success’ and said:

“Some 25 percent of the country’s rural roads have not been paved yet and about 10 percent of the country’s rural areas still do not have gas. About 15 percent of comprehensive rural health centers also need to be renovated.” (Entekhab, July 3, 2021)

The question is how such a person in such a position can even dare to speak about such a ‘success’ in decreasing the percentage of deprivation when most evidence is contrary to this.

We will help him and count just a few of the crises for him which in any other country are the subclasses of deprivation.

“We are more involved in literacy than the student population,” Deputy Director of Literacy of the General Directorate of Education of Yazd Province, stating that in the census conducted in 2016, according to statistics, we had eight million illiterates, said: ‘This does not indicate a good situation in this area, and we are more involved in literacy than the student population.’” (ISNA, July 4, 2021)

State-run news agency IRNA reported: “Qassem Soleimani Dashtaki stated in a meeting to review the deprived areas of the province, which was held at the Khuzestan governor’s office and attended by the Vice President for Rural and Deprived Areas: ‘Khuzestan province in economic development due to large oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, agriculture and industry and… it has an influential role, but the citizens living in the province always face various problems and deprivations.

“The governor of Khuzestan pointed to some indicators of deprivation in the province and said: ‘Some cities in the province are facing 100 percent deprivation, the reduction of which requires serious and practical planning at the national and provincial levels.’

“Soleimani Dashtaki Rah said that Drinking Water and infrastructure facilities are among the essential needs in improving the living conditions of residents of deprived areas of the province and added: ‘For example, studies show that 730 villages in Khuzestan lack safe drinking water.’” (IRNA, July 3, 2021)

Pay attention this official is speaking about “Drinking Water” and said that 730 villages in Khuzestan which are without any doubt one of the richest provinces in the country lacks ‘Safe Drinking Water’ and not the lack of ‘paved ways’ and ‘gas’ which the so-called Deputy of Rural and Deprived Areas of Iran, Mohammad Omid counts as the indicators for the elimination of deprivation.

Iran, Khuzestan water crisis, source state-run news agency Tasnim, July 4, 2021
Iran, Khuzestan water crisis, source state-run news agency Tasnim, July 4, 2021

“The per capita consumption of red meat in the world is 12 kg per person per year, which due to successive jumps in the price of these products in the country, has decreased by 50 percent and reached 6 to 7 kg per year. Of course, this number may also decrease, given the  60 million population that is subject to subsistence subsidies.

“On the other hand, official statistical centers have also reported on the replacement of meat products with eggs and soy.

“If we add to the statistics on the consumption of meat and the substitution of other products instead of protein, the absolute poverty of 35 percent of the country’s population, we can understand the bitter truth of the livelihood of low-income families.” (State-run website Fekrshahr, July 4, 2021)

So, as a conclusion someone should say to this ‘Deputy of Rural and Deprived Areas of Iran’, no sir, the deprivation belongs to the country’s cities, and about the country’s rural areas and villages we should say they have crossed this border and are struggling to survive, having no drinking water which is the most primitive right of any human.

There are much more facts, like the disaster of the mass migration of the rural people to the suburbs of the cities which has created the critical crisis of marginalization for the country.

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