Life in Iran TodayIran: 400,000 Deaths and 100,000 Nurses Infected

Iran: 400,000 Deaths and 100,000 Nurses Infected


Since March 2020, when the COVID-19 vaccine was first distributed around the world, everything has been ready to push back the virus including in Iran, but the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei issued a government order banning the purchase of foreign vaccines and insulting and betraying the Iranian people.

Since then, the lives of millions of Iranians have become a toy of Khamenei’s stubbornness as the first culprit of the rising number of deaths. Now because of such a decision, Khamenei has become a target of the people.

The rising number of deaths left no doubt that Khamenei is using the coronavirus as a weapon against the people. There is no difference between this strategy and the massacre of the political prisoners in 1988 both are implemented to secure the existence of this regime. It has even been decided that schools should be opened at the height of this massacre.

On this issue of August 29, 2021, the state-run daily Hamdeli in an article entitled ‘Reopening schools, a tsunami of death’ wrote: “Alireza Raisi, spokesman for the National Headquarters against Coronavirus, said that from September 23, some 30 to 40 percent of schools and from 23 October, all schools will be reopened in person.”

The decision to reopen schools comes as the paper quotes health experts as saying: “There will be 4-digit coronavirus deaths in the future, and in these supercritical conditions, the promise to reopen schools will only play with students’ lives and cause educational chaos.”

And there is no doubt that the main person behind this massacre is Khamenei, as one of the regime’s news agencies the SNN (Student News Network, Daneshjoo) angry about the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK) campaign to present Khamenei as the main culprit complained and, in an article, entitled, “Vaccination and enemy’s dangerous advantage taking” wrote:

“The coronavirus super-challenge has now entered the security sphere for the system. Cause, it is a fierce psychological war waged by the Mojahedin in this regard. They indoctrinate that all countries are vaccinating, only Iran does not want to vaccinate people because of the regime’s ‘deliberate policy.’

“The Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) does not suffice to this propaganda, and with all its massive propaganda apparatus, with its satellite network, with its various sites and with its virtual army, it instills in the people and society that the main culprit for the lack of vaccines is Khamenei.

“The Mojahedin even raise the issue of riot and call the coronavirus an accomplice of the regime to deal with the riots. Massoud Rajavi (leader of the MEK) also sends a message saying that Khamenei sees the coronavirus as a blessing and opportunity with a huge human loss to protect (the system) from danger (riot).

“This advantage taking has now promoted the dangerous belief in society that Khamenei is guilty of lack of vaccines. The outcome of this situation is the next step of Massoud Rajavi, who invites people to revolt and, unfortunately, finds a lot of echoes in society.

“The Mojahedin-e Khalq, especially Rajavi who is the worst enemy of the system, does not hesitate to take any opportunity to attack Khamenei’s system and person.” (State-run news agency SNN, August 30, 2021)

The result of such a policy is not only the death of hundreds of thousands of people but it will have long psychological, social, and economic effects on society. One of these effects is the collapse of the country’s healthcare system.

The state-run news agency Fars on August 31, 2021, wrote: “According to the current situation in which we are located, the number of patients and deaths due to the coronavirus delta strain has increased and medical staff and nurses are serving patients for 24 hours and physically nurses are exhausted and mentally threaten their depression.

“Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, 100,000 nurses have been infected in the whole country, of which 30,000 are from Tehran. Also, 92 nurses have died of coronavirus since the beginning of the outbreak.”

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