Life in Iran TodayIran’s Usual and Disastrous Response to Seasonal Floods

Iran’s Usual and Disastrous Response to Seasonal Floods


Due to the recent heavy rains in Iran in the past days, 17 provinces have been flooded and suffered many damages. The worst hit provinces are Fars, Kerman, Sistan and Baluchestan, and Hormozgan.

Many base structures, agriculture fields, houses, and businesses of the people have been damaged. Thousand were forced to leave their houses and have been left homeless for many days.

Destructions in Iran’s recent floods

Flooding of 2000 houses in five counties of Sistan and Balutchestan province. Because of the poor construction, while most of the houses are built with adobe bricks, they are facing the danger of collapse.

Flooding of 1100 houses in the south of the Fars province. About 600 houses are completely damaged. The costs of the damages in this province are now close to $37 million.

Other damages include the flooding of 1725 rural houses in the south of the Kerman province. About 117 villages are suffering from floods in this province.

Urgent housing of 200 households and destruction of 1000 houses in Minab of the Hormozgan province

The flood-hit at least 17 provinces of the country from north to south until January 6. This is more than half of Iran’s provinces.

Flooding of more than 1000 houses in the Hormozgan province.

More than 2000 houses and 25 villages of the Minab and Rudan counties are flooded. In Rudan 130 houses are destroyed completely.

In Hormozgan province, 12,350 hectares of agricultural and orchard fields have been damaged, especially in the eastern regions.

The governor of Dashtiari, south of Sistan and Baluchestan, said: “The flood caused $9 million of damage to the roads of this city and the people of 18 villages are surrounded by floods due to the lack of access roads.”

The most damaged villages are in the regions of South Rudbar, Ghaleh Ganj, Menujan, and the Jazmourian section.

Six days after the rains and floods, 31 roads in the flood-hit provinces are still closed due to dangerous safety conditions.

How many people did the regime mobilize to help 17 provinces? Some 1926 Red Crescent operational force, which is the equivalent of 113 people for each province. Where it faces protests by the local population, the regime immediately attacks the people like in the last incident in Sistan and Baluchestan where the regime attacked the people with artillery.

The list of meager government aid adds insult to the Iranian people’s injuries:

44 kg of dates for 17 provinces.
993 food packages for 17 provinces
1600 carpets or 3,000 blankets for 17 provinces
3000 kilos of rice for the flood victims of 17 provinces
150 cans and 307 petroleum heaters for flood victims in 17 provinces

Even the regime’s carelessness has become the subject of reports in many state-run media, which is a usual thing and has no place for any surprise.

The state-run daily Aftab-e Yazd wrote on January 5: “The people of the south of the country, who until a week ago were facing the challenge of supplying agricultural and drinking water, have faced widespread floods in the past two days, and it is important to note that, as usual, crisis management officials are surprised and act like crisis-hit people.

“It seems that being crisis hit in the country’s crisis management headquarters has become a natural thing in recent years, and in critical moments, this headquarters is surprised instead of managing the crisis.

“It does not matter if the government is reformist or principled. The routine of the surprise of the Crisis Management Headquarters is repeated every year, and the result of this repetition is nothing but excessive harm to the people, and that the people who live in difficult conditions and low-income cities.”

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