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The Cause of Violence in Iran’s Society


More often than not, the bitter news published by the Iranian regime’s media or distributed by the people on social media is sad and unbearable.

News about poverty, misery, critical economic situation, and social crises have become a common occurrence, and it seems that people are getting used to such a situation. It may very well be the regime’s evil intention to desensitize people about their miserable situation in a bid to accelerate the speed of the social and moral collapse.

In such an atmosphere, there is no room for the people to think and deal with politics, the future of their society, and of course, the regime’s crimes. One of the dangerous consequences of such an approach by the regime has been the expansion of violence in society.

On April 20, the state-run Hamdeli daily wrote, “In Iran, in addition to the (miserable) economic situation, from radio and television to the officials, on a daily basis, they all are busy spreading violence and hatred. Forensic statistics confirm the rage of the people and the aggression in society. Last year, nearly 100,000 people in Tehran went to a forensic doctor because of a dispute.”

In an interview with the state-run daily Rouydad-e 24 on April 13, Hassan Lofti, a member of the regime’s parliamentary social commission, said, “Depression and many social tensions are rampant.”

Such news is abundant in the regime’s media. In another article, the Hamdeli daily wrote, “What has now raised the level of violence in Iranian society is the status of poverty, unemployment, inability to earn a living and class differences. Violence has become rampant.”

Giving a glimpse of this social crisis, they added, “It seems that the garbage bins in many cities do not cover the needs of the many garbage collectors. If you take a short stroll in the streets of the capital, you will see many people from 10-11 years old boys to families and even women busy collecting garbage. People who are collecting garbage with trucks, cars, motorbikes, and bicycles to the poorer who are collecting garbage with shopping carts or plastic bags.”

In reference to the root of the increasing rage in Iran’s society, the state-run Shafa Online daily explained, “It is predictable that when some political and ruling figures in the country promote violent discourse and behavior, violence in society increases as a consequence.”

Discussing the regime’s repressive actions, which have a direct effect on the people’s behavior, this newspaper added, “When violent discourse is promoted from public forums and in contrast to the law, or when it is declared that some music lovers must leave a particular city, it is natural that violent discourse manifests itself in form of violent behavior.”

They further added, “But another issue that forms the roots of violence in society goes back to the pressures on public opinion for a variety of reasons. During the Iran-Lebanon soccer match, it was observed that women were mistreated and attacked with pepper spray. These pressures also form the deep roots of violence in society. The next important issue is the spread of poverty and difficulties in earning a living. A person who has difficulties in meeting his or her basic needs cannot exhibit peaceful behaviors.”

In its concluding paragraph, Hamdeli daily confessed to the lack of freedom in Iran and its consequences despite all the regime’s claims about human rights and democracy. It wrote, “In a society where there is no happiness, there exists nothing. For example, in India, a large portion of the population is poor, to the extent that some people are born as cardboard sleepers and die as cardboard sleepers, but the TV programs and the atmosphere of that society are happy because there is freedom. Freedom generates happiness.”

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