Iran Nuclear NewsIran’s Regime Committed Huge Mistakes in Its Nuclear Case

Iran’s Regime Committed Huge Mistakes in Its Nuclear Case


At the beginning of the work of Iran’s new government, the regime’s official thought for a while about the restart of the nuclear negotiations with world powers, finally despite their previous claims that the new government will not continue the negotiation in such a situation they accepted to restart them, and they announced a new date for the start of the seventh round of the nuclear negotiations.

The first announced that the US government should free the regime’s blocked $10 billion in assets, as a sign of good faith. But this did not happen, and the US government has not accepted it as of yet.

The regime’s president Ebrahim Raisi frustrated asked that if only the US government lift the sanctions, they will accept new negotiations. But now it has become crystal clear for Tehran that there is no other way than the seventh round of the negotiations.

In addition to the US government’s reaction, some European governments such a France and Germany have said that the negotiations must continue from that point where they have been stopped and new point for the negotiation is not accepted something that increases the regime’s frustration while counting of the Europeans to take its back while confronting with the US.

Now the negotiations will start on November 29. And this time the regime must satisfy the other parties of the negotiations or else as the Stater-run daily Arman-e-Meli on November 20, 2021, wrote:

“We must take care of the security circles around the country. Recently, the Zionist regime has been trying to form a regional and international coalition against our country (regime). These threats should not be ignored. It should not be taken lightly, but it can be very serious. A front is forming in the region with four main members: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Egypt.

“The Prime Minister of the Zionist regime has announced that the anti-Iranian alliance in the region will take a stronger shape. This front can be dangerous and a threat to us. Negotiations must begin peacefully.

“No country, neither China nor Russia, will be able to save our economy. We must try to lift the sanctions. The way out of the internal pressures and the heavy (bad) economic situation is to get rid of the issue of sanctions and it will be solved with the JCPOA.”

However, even in the best-case scenario, Iran’s regime will still remain an isolated government because the reason why the regime has stopped the negotiations is not because of its nuclear case but of the new demands like the regime’s human rights, missile, and regional cases. This is something that the regime is not able to obey as the path it has taken over the last 43 years has shown.

Therefore, “in Washington they are speaking about the implementation of Plan B against Iran. But for Iran, Plan B is like Plan A.” (Diplomacy Irani, November 9, 2021)

The question is why is the regime’s government is feeling something like this?

Because “17 Republican congressmen wrote a letter to Biden asking him to stop negotiations with Iran! Among the signatories of this letter, the names of several anti-Iranian representatives can be seen, including Bryan Steil. Some foreign policy experts believe this letter is a sign that any possible agreement with the West in the future will be written on the flowing sand and after the end of the Biden government, the next president can easily abandon the new agreement, like the 2015 agreement, with a simple signature.” (State-run daily Mashregh, November 12, 2021)

The Iranian government knows very that the new JCPOA negotiations have a specified direction that does not favor the regime and the regime will lose its nuclear lever without any benefits even economic as many of its so-called reformist elements were advertising. This is something that happened in the 2015 negotiations.

The regime made a huge mistake by investing in tactical steps which were not in its favor, which indicates its stagnation and disappointment.

  1. Wrong investment on the result of the US election.
  2. The regime did not understand or was late in understanding that the US government is not interested in the regime’s gain of success and economic benefits. For that, the regime now is auctioning the country’s wealth to compensate for this loss.
  3. Playing with the liftable and unliftable sanctions was the next mistake because most of the sanctions are due to the regime’s other cases like terrorism, human rights violations, and missile projects.

Now the regime is in such a situation that “any agreement is better than no agreement.”

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