Iran Nuclear NewsThe JCPOA and the Capitulation of Iran

The JCPOA and the Capitulation of Iran


Iran’s government is trying to depict a strong position in its international relations and actions, especially during the nuclear talks.

On January 9, the regime retaliated against Qassem Soleimani’s elimination two years ago by engaging in a hollow gesture, sanctioning many US officials.

What’s past is prologue. Such theatrics by the regime pursue only one objective: Boosting the morale of its increasingly demoralized forces, who are witness to the regime’s growing isolation internationally.

Recently an image published on social media, and in the Iranian regime’s media, showed Mikhail Ulyanov, the Russian representative in the Vienna nuclear talks, and U.S. Special Envoy for Iran Robert Malley sitting opposite each other alone without the Iranian regime’s presence as they discussed sketched the path forward.

This raised the frustration of many of the regime’s officials, not only because they are concerned about Iran’s independence, but because this image showed the regime’s weakness.

The sad truth is that the regime has auctioned off the country and the people’s wealth and their future for its useless nuclear program while shouting the slogan ‘Neither the West nor the East.’

Even in Syria, the regime has the same situation. Wasting the country’s resources for over the past 10 years, now it is losing everything. A recent article entitled ‘Ongoing Russian-Iranian conflict|Russian officers meet tribal dignitaries in Iran-controlled villages in Deir ez-Zor’ on January 9, showed the regime’s weakness which is extended to all areas of the regime’s policies. This is just one of many examples which highlight the same situation.

This is something that has even raised frustration among the regime’s media. In its recent editorial on January 10, 2022, after the recent speeches, meetings, and tweets of Russia’s representative Mr. Ulyanov, the state-run daily Jomhouri Eslami (, expressed concern. “After numerous protests in the printed and online media over the intervention of Mikhail Ulyanov, the Russian representative in the Vienna talks, on behalf of the Iranian regime, we waited for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to react to the Russian representative or explain his speeches, meetings, and tweets. But so far there was no news,” the daily wrote.

“Ulyanov seems to find himself in a position where he can determine the fate of the Vienna talks and assign tasks to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Iranian people do not accept such caretaker spirit from anyone, including the Russians, the Chinese, the Americans, and the Europeans, and if the foreign ministry officials refuse to comment on the issue because of possible considerations, it does not mean that the Russian representative is authorized to continue its interventions.”

It added, “All Iranians and all political activists from different factions and people with different tastes want the progress of the talks in Vienna, the revival of the JCPOA, and the lifting of sanctions, and no one wants these talks to end. Thus, the protest against Ulyanov’s behavior is a patriotic act aimed at preventing foreign interference.”

“Even now, the lifting of anti-Iranian sanctions is not in their interest, and it is we who must try to reach an agreement in the Vienna talks that guarantees the interests of the Iranian people. It is a great mistake to see the hope in foreigners,” Jomhouri Islami wrote.

This explains why the Iranian Resistance revealed the unpatriotic nuclear project 20 years ago. Notwithstanding squandering several trillion dollars on a completely unnecessary program, the mullahs’ quest for the bomb has had disastrous consequences for the Iranian people and the country’s future, much like the disgraceful ‘Treaty of Turkmenchay’ did.

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