Iran Nuclear NewsUS wants any sanctions on Iran to reveal violators

US wants any sanctions on Iran to reveal violators


Reuters: The United States wants a European-drafted resolution to publicize any violation of sanctions against Iran if the measure is adopted by the U.N. Security Council, according to a text obtained by Reuters on Friday. By Evelyn Leopold

UNITED NATIONS, Nov 10 (Reuters) – The United States wants a European-drafted resolution to publicize any violation of sanctions against Iran if the measure is adopted by the U.N. Security Council, according to a text obtained by Reuters on Friday.

Washington’s amendments, relatively few compared to those submitted by Russia, also propose that the resolution determine “that Iran’s nuclear weapons program constitutes a clear threat to international peace and security.”

Similar wording was included in a Security Council resolution in October imposing sanctions on North Korea after its nuclear test, thereby giving the document a solid international legal foundation for the sanctions.

The proposed sanctions seek to punish Iran for refusing to suspend nuclear enrichment, as demanded in an Aug. 31 Security Council resolution. The West believes Iran’s work is a cover for bomb-making while Tehran says it is for peaceful aims.

U.S. Ambassador John Bolton, who submitted the amendments to his council colleagues, also proposed that an outside board of experts be appointed to monitor implementation and investigate violations.

This group would report to the Security Council sanctions committee, which would then make “publicly available” names of individuals, groups or businesses “acting in violation of the measures,” the text says.

The European draft — drawn up by Britain, France and Germany, and generally supported by the United States — demands nations prevent the sale or supply of any equipment, technology or financing that would contribute to Iran’s nuclear or ballistic missile programs.

Russia says sanctions should focus only on “enrichment-related and reprocessing activities,” heavy-water reactors and the development of “nuclear weapon delivery systems.” And it deletes European demands for a freeze of assets abroad and a travel ban against individuals, businesses and organizations connected with Tehran’s nuclear program.

The European draft exempts from sanctions Russia’s construction of a reactor at Bushehr in southwest Iran, but not the delivery of nuclear fuel to the plant which costs about $800 million and is due to go into operation next year.

Russia’s amendments crossed out all mention of Bushehr. Its U.N. ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, has argued the plant was legal and did not contribute to proliferation.

So far negotiations among Britain, France and Germany — which drew up the resolution — and Russia, China and the United States have made little progress. At one point China’s U.N. Ambassador Wang Guangya said he did not think the New York talks could bridge the gaps.

But diplomats at the talks said the atmosphere improved on Thursday when envoys dealt with the Russian amendments and asked Churkin to pose a series of questions to Moscow.

Another round of negotiations is expected sometime next week.

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