News on Iran Protests & DemonstrationsIran’s Regime Expects the Youths ‘Taking Revenge’

Iran’s Regime Expects the Youths ‘Taking Revenge’


Iran’s youth under the mullahs’ rule are enduring very resentful and inhuman conditions. Many of them are forced to drop out because of poverty and the miserable economic situation of their families and join the million army of cheap laborers.

These youth are now becoming one of the major concerns of the regime. The experience of the November 2019 protests magnifies the regime’s fear so that now many of its experts speak and warn about new widespread protests led by the youths.

Social crises in Iran are becoming more critical day by day. This explains why the regime tries desperately to find a way out by gaining some concessions during the nuclear talks. But despite its expectations, even the nuclear talks have turned problematic for the regime.

The regime’s officials believe that an economic boom is the only solution that will enable it to get itself out of this dire situation.

Regarding the social problems and challenges, on March 13, 2022, the Arman-e Meli daily interviewed a regime expert named Aman-o Allah Qaraei Moghaddam. In his remarks, he acknowledged four decades of regime’s destruction; “The fact is that after the revolution the people expected from those who claimed to be their servants, to support them and share their sufferings. But this didn’t happen, and aristocracy continued, and the officials did keep their promises and went about their own business. As a result, a deep and dangerous rift between the people and the governing body is created, leading to small and large social protests across the country,” he said.

This is an acknowledgment of the regime’s failure, which has already plunged Iranian society into a severe economic crisis. It points to a regime that marginalizes people’s livelihoods and instead spends the nation’s capital on the expansion of fundamentalism and the development of missile programs and nuclear projects.

“In the current situation, about 60 million people in the community need assistance to survive, 30 million live below the absolute poverty line, and approximately four million young people are unemployed,” he added.

After recounting the realities of society, this regime expert pointed to the role of the youths in the previous uprisings and expresses his fear and concern about the youth’s sense of revenge. He added: “It is a very dangerous phenomenon from a sociological point of view and shows the young people’s sense of revenge against the officials, the rich, judges, cabinet ministers, and lawyers.”

The realities of a crisis-ridden society in Iran are so undeniable that this expert is forced to admit to the miserable situation of Iranian society, from which not only the youths but all other segments of society are suffering.

He added: “On the other hand, millions of employees in various institutions, from the judiciary to teachers, from employees in various public and private organizations and social organizations to workers with low salaries and those below the poverty line, are lamenting about their daily lives. And every day, we are witnessing small and large protests in different cities.

“However, while more than three million university-graduates are unemployed, thousands of girls and boys are unable to get married due to poverty. Thousands of people are searching trash bins on the streets to find food. Many workshops and factories are dormant, and unemployment is rampant. The corrupt officials and parliamentarians have allocated several hundred billion rials from the pockets of these deprived groups to cultural and religious authorities, who have not had a very useful function.”

He added, “Another point is that today, people have become more aware that some people use their position and embezzle. Of course, it is good that the judiciary has arrested some of them and is investigating their crimes. But where are the big ones and the people who continue their mischief?”

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