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The Iranian Regime Is Sitting on the Top of an Erupting Volcano


The ongoing protests in Iran are the volcano that the Iranian Resistance has spoken about for many years. They have often warned that the Iranian regime will face more severe protests, with greater participation from Iran’s women and a starving nation.

The Iranian people are fighting for a different life and values while pursuing different goals than those introduced by the regime over the past four decades.

This regime is a group of medieval thugs who think they can run the country based on fabricated rules from a thousand years ago.

The truth is that Iranian society is a modern society, women want equality, and they are tired of gender apartheid. This is not a new ideology, they were sick and tired two years ago, ten years ago, and better said from the beginning of the reign of this regime.

It doesn’t take effort to see that this is a volcano. The country has witnessed eruptions before, and this time we are witnessing the most serious eruption of them all.

In the 2009 and 2019 uprisings, the regime was able to extinguish the fire of the protests. Today, despite all the regime’s efforts and even the fast trial of the thousands of arrested people and the killing of more than 450 protesters, the people are not stepping back and do not tolerate the violence that has been unleashed on them. As a result, the regime is no longer able to push back the people off the streets.

This is happening across the country, in over 218 cities. All the efforts of the people have been responded with violence, not only in the past few years but, most importantly, at the beginning of the reign of this regime, when it first massacred the people’s protests on 20 June 1981.

The regime has made it perfectly clear that it does not tolerate any objecting voice, despite the people sending any possible message they can.

From the outset, the regime had made its decision to rule the country with an iron fist, and like any other dictatorship, they did not understand the reality and have become increasingly deluded in their own image.

An image that is the interpretation of medieval Islam, which they thought would be winning not only in Iran but internationally, and they believed that they could simply rule by divine fear.

The people’s demand in the ongoing protests is not asking for simple and primitive demands; they seek a true democracy. Society is different, and the political landscape has changed. Fear has vanished, which is detrimental to the mullahs’ regime considering that is what their rule is based on.

The moment this fear dissipated; the dictatorship was forced to search for the next room to hide in. The people have nothing more to lose and they have no fear anymore.

While the regime has done everything in its power to crush the uprising, it has failed to achieve its objectives. There are several reasons for this. First, the protesters have gained a great deal of experience from previous uprisings, especially the one in November.

There is a high degree of organization and coordination among them. Second, the fear factor seemed to have been greatly diminished.

The protesters are only challenging the security forces, knowing full well that it will entail the risk of being arrested or killed.

Third, the staying power, expansion, diversification, and casualties suffered by the security forces have greatly demoralized their ranks.

The many directives issued by the IRGC commander-in-chief Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami and his lieutenants to offer guidance on how to deal with the uprising have proven ineffective. Indeed, Salami has directed his subordinates not to deploy “demoralized, disaffected, and disgruntled personnel.”

Interestingly, a telegram post by a member of the IRGC’s paramilitary Basij commander complained that only half of the Bassij members called to action had shown up on duty, meaning that they are fearful of being targeted by an increasingly defiant and radical crowd, especially the youths, and, at the same time, are concerned about the prospects of the regime’s overthrow which is drawing closer by the day.

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