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Iran must be evicted from conflicts in Syria and Iraq, Rajavi tells conference


The removal of Iran from the conflicts in Syria and Iraq is the surest way on ensuring victory over religious extremism, Iranian Resistance leader Maryam Rajavi has told the Council of Europe.

the removal of Iran from the conflicts in Syria and Iraq is the surest way on ensuring victory over religious extremism, Iranian Resistance leader Maryam Rajavi has told the Council of Europe.

And she described siding with Tehran’s mullahs in Iraq on pretext to fight ISIS is ‘a hundred times more dangerous than the regime’s quest for a nuclear bomb’.

Mrs Rajavi was speaking at a conference in Strasbourg on January 26 entitled ‘The crisis of terrorism and fundamentalism, roots, solutions, role of religious dictatorship in Iran’.

She warned: “The massacre of hundreds of thousands in Syria and Iraq will not end with these countries and the flames of this war will spread to the whole region and will also reach the heart of Europe.”

She also expressed her ‘abhorrence’ for the slaughter of journalists and murder of defenseless people in France and stated that ‘the spirit of Islam rejects these actions with utmost repugnance’.

She stressed the need for the eviction of the Iranian regime, the Qods Force and its so-called Shia militias from Iraq. She also said the West was weak in the face of the Iranian regime’s nuclear weapons program, the inclusion of this regime in the international coalition against ISIS, and courting this regime in Iraq and Syria.

She added: “All elements that would defeat the strategy of confronting fundamentalism and would give this regime space to operate in and attack from, drenching other countries in the region in fire and bloodshed.”

Mrs Rajavi said that the notion that Sunni fundamentalism is more dangerous than Shiite fundamentalism and the former should be confronted with the aid of the latter was a ‘dangerous theory’ that risks ignoring Iran’s destructive domination of the region.

She said: “Acquiescing the regime’s meddling in Iraq on the pretext of fighting ISIS is a hundred times more dangerous than the nuclear weapon and a prelude to a greater catastrophe and it is tantamount to avoiding a hole but falling in a well.

“The ultimate solution in confronting fundamentalism lies in the overthrow of the Iranian regime as the epicenter of fundamentalism and terrorism. With the regime’s downfall, al-Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah or Houthis will no longer present a serious threat to peace and democracy and will be deprived of power and influence.

“In the face of this destructive force with its source in Tehran, instead of appeasing the mullahs, the will of the Iranian people to overthrow the clerical regime must be recognized by the international community.”

Others who gave speeches at the conference included: “Jordi Xucla, Leader of Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Group; Tiny Kox (Netherlands), Leader of Unified European Left Group; Mike Hancock and Alan Meale (Great Britain); Eric Voruz (Switzerland); Senator Bernard Fournier, Frédéric Reiss, Emile Blessig (France); leaders of Italian and Estonian delegations; Egidijus Vareikis (Lithuania) and Scott Sims (Canada); Nazir Hakim, General Secretary of Syrian National Coalition political delegation, and Nejat al-Astal, President of the Palestinian delegation in PACE.


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