Iran TerrorismIran Regime’s Blackmail for JCPOA Negotiations

Iran Regime’s Blackmail for JCPOA Negotiations


These days around the Iranian nuclear program, all eyes are on Vienna, a city where direct or indirect negotiations are being held between Iran and the United States, along with major world powers. The Iranian government is seeking to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement (JCPOA) at any price.

Iran’s hardliners are pretending that the negotiations are not by the orders of the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei. But Iran experts say Khamenei himself is directing the entire nuclear projects, including all events and negotiations around this case.

Because for his regime this is one of the two wings of the continuation of its existence, beside its support of global terrorism which is aligned with its internal repression.

This became clear when the regime’s supreme leader stamped this fact, after the revelation of the regime’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tape and warned him and the entire government: “Foreign policy is not set by the foreign ministry anywhere in the world. All over the world, it is up to the superiors and high-ranking officials to make the decisions. Of course, the foreign ministry is also involved. But it is just the executor.”

Defending the regime’s global terrorism and the killed Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani, which is the main tool for its harmful actions overboard, he added: “The Quds Force is the biggest factor in preventing passive diplomacy in West Asia. Man feels sorry when he hears these (attacking the foreign minister Javad Zarif).”

He continued: “Some of these speeches are repetitions of American speeches. Americans have been deeply saddened by the Islamic Republic’s influence for years. They were angry about Martyr Soleimani because of this and because of this he was martyred.”

The question here is why we are repeating this facts and speeches again. The truth is that the Iranian regime since the US President Joe Biden’s presidency has committed more than 200 hundred attacks against the US troops mainly in Iraq and Afghanistan with the help of its proxy forces.

And it seems that these attacks are intensifying after the new round of the JCPOA negotiations. And as we know, over the last 40 years this regime has solved every of its crises with its terror lever, to impose its demands and goals.

Below is a partial list of the regime’s latest attacks against the US troops and bases in Iraq fulfilled by its proxy groups, reported by the regime’s media. The amazing thing is that many times even further the Iraqi media and other international media, the regime’s media have reported these attacks.

State-run daily Khabar Fori, May 8: “Some news sources reported on Saturday morning that a rocket attack has hit the US base in Ain al-Assad in Iraq’s Anbar province. The base is home to US terrorist forces, and initial reports indicate that a missile warning siren sounded at the base. News sources reported that the C-RAM and Patriot missile defense systems recently installed at the base failed to intercept and destroy the rockets.”

State-run website Karg News Agency, May 5: “Following the rocket attack on the Ain al-Assad base in western Iraq, US forces took unprecedented security measures at the base. Ain al-Assad air base in Iraq, where US forces are based, was targeted by a missile yesterday.”

IRNA news agency, May 4: “Iraqi sources reported that the Iraqi Ain al-Assad base was targeted by several rockets an hour ago. Yesterday, Balad base was attacked with 10 rockets. An hour ago, an explosion took place in the American military equipment loading area on the Kuwaiti border, which, according to published images, caused extensive damage to the occupiers’ equipment.”

IRNA, May 4: “Iraqi news sources reported an attack on a US military logistics convoy on the road leading to Iraq’s occupied Ain al-Assad base.
“According to IRNA on Thursday night, this attack with a developed bomb was against a convoy carrying US missiles and military equipment. Saberin News wrote that the group of Ashab al-Kahf claimed responsibility for the attack. Attacks on US military convoys in Iraq have intensified in recent weeks, with some Iraqi anti-occupation groups announcing they will continue their attacks as long as their country is under US occupation.”

ISNA news agency, May 4: “The Iraqi army’s security unit affiliated with the Iraqi army by issuing a statement that four Katyusha rockets hit the Balad air base and announced the operation of identifying its terrorist elements.”

ISNA news agency, May 3: “Iraqi security sources reported on Sunday night that two rockets had been fired at a US military base near Baghdad International Airport.”

Mehr news agency, May 2: “News sources reported Sunday evening that a rocket had hit a US military base near Baghdad airport. According to the report, the ‘Victoria’ military base near Baghdad airport, where the American occupying forces are present, was hit by several rockets. At least three rockets are said to have hit the Victoria military base.”

Fars news agency, April 28: “An unnamed Iraqi group claimed responsibility for a drone strike on Balad Air Base, 64 km north of Baghdad. According to the Saberin News Telegram Channel, the statement said: ‘In the name of the Lord of the Mojahedin and with the blessing of the birth of our Master Imam Hassan Mojtaba, peace be upon him, the American military branch stationed at Balad Air Force Base was recently targeted by a drone.’”

Mashregh News, April 23: “News sources announced that at least 3 rocket missiles hit American Victoria base near Baghdad airport in the Iraqi capital.”

Iran Press news agency, April 18: “Some Iraqi sources reported that two people were wounded in a rocket attack on Balad Air Base, a US military base in Iraq’s Salah al-Din province. In the past few days, more than 20 US logistics convoys have been attacked in various parts of Iraq, including the US base near Erbil Airport and the Ain al-Assad base in Anbar province. US convoys and military bases in Iraq have been targeted several times in recent months.”

Mehr news agency, April 16: “News sources reported that the Ain al-Assad air base in Iraq’s Anbar province was targeted.
The Saber News Channel, which broadcasts military news about the US occupation of Iraq, reported that the base had been targeted by three UAVs.”

State-run website Khabar Fori, April 15: “According to Iraqi sources, the ‘Ain al-Assad’ base, the base of the American occupying forces in the Iraqi province of Al-Anbar, has been targeted by rockets.”

State-run news agency IRNA, April 9: “According to IRNA, following the increase in threats regarding the targeting of American bases in Iraq, in addition to the full readiness of the occupiers; The Iraqi security forces have also increased their level of monitoring and preparedness.

“The Nas news agency close to the Iraqi government reported: following the efforts of the Iraqi security forces with field monitoring and intensification of intelligence efforts, one of the patrols at 20:00 on Thursday night in the ‘Al-Jazeera’ area of ​​Al-Anbar province saw a suspicious vehicle that it was a short distance from the road east of the Ain al-Assad base.

“According to the Iraqi security headquarters, the security patrol searched the vehicle and found a launcher and 24 missiles, then an engineering unit was called to the scene to neutralize and deactivate the missiles.”

Fars new agency, April 7: “A US military logistics convoy was targeted in western Iraq. The Saberin News channel reported Wednesday that the convoy was targeted in the area between Salah al-Din and Al-Anbar provinces. This is the fourth US military logistics convoy to be targeted.”

Nasir News, April 4: “Attack on a US military support convoy in Diwaniyah, Iraq. The attack on the US support convoy in Diwaniyah province was claimed by the armed group ‘Ashab al-Kahf’, but no group has claimed responsibility for the rocket attack on Balad base as of this writing.”

IRNA news agency, March 18: “A newly formed Iraqi group that announced its existence last night (Wednesday) claimed responsibility for two attacks on military support convoys of the occupying US army and the ‘Ain al-Assad’ base. The Iraqi group, dubbed the ‘Khyber Brigade’, today (Thursday) issued a short statement and video of its attacks, claiming responsibility for the recent attacks on a convoy and US military base on Iraqi soil.”

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