Two Peers in Tehran to boost trade ties with Iran

Iran Focus: Two British trade missions have arrived here to boost London’s trade ties with the Islamic Republic, just as the British embassy continues to come under daily siege by dozens of bassijis, members of a state-organized paramilitary group.

Iraqi attitudes harden on Iranian meddling

Iran Focus: As the new Iraqi transitional government emerges, interviews with Iraqis from a variety of backgrounds and a review of the local press indicate a hardening of attitude among ordinary Iraqis on the role of Iran’s Islamic government in the country’s developments.

Revolutionary Guards’ top brass hint at more suicide attacks

Iran Focus: The top brass of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are speaking openly about the newly-formulated “doctrine of asymmetric warfare” and “all-out war”, as the situation in Iraq deteriorates.

France Steps Up Its Investments in Iran

New York Times: Undeterred by Iran’s pariah status in the United States and by the shortcomings of the country’s commercial climate, French companies have been increasing their presence in the country in the last few years.

U.S. expects Japan to stop oil deal if Iran case goes to U.N.

Kyodo News Agency: WASHINGTON — The United States hopes Japan will suspend a major oil development deal with Iran if the International Atomic Energy Agency brings the case of Iran’s alleged nuclear arms ambitions to the U.N. Security Council for possible sanctions, a senior U.S. official indicated Tuesday.

Thousands of Iranians ready for suicide raids

Reuters: Thousands of Iranians have signed up for suicide attacks on Israel, U.S.-led forces in Iraq and British author Salman Rushdie, a recruiting group said on Saturday.


Middle East News Line: WASHINGTON – Iran has been developing a cruise missile capability to support its arsenal of Shihab-3 intermediate-range ballistic missiles.

Report casts doubt on Iran’s nuclear claims

Financial Times: Nuclear inspectors have cast doubt on Iran’s claim that components found at sites in the country were contaminated by enriched uranium before being imported, raising the suspicion that Iran’s enrichment programme may have been more widespread than it previously admitted.

Watchdog Blasts Iran On Nuclear Program

Washington Post: Iran repeatedly misstated details about its nuclear program and pursued uranium enrichment technology more aggressively than it initially admitted, the International Atomic Energy Agency concluded yesterday in a sharply critical assessment.

Iraq’s Top Cleric Gives Govt Conditional Approval

Reuters: Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Iraq’s most influential Muslim cleric, gave his conditional approval to the interim government on Thursday but said it had “mammoth tasks” ahead.