Iranian Authorities Confiscate the Late Mostafa Salehi’s Home and Properties

Iranian authorities try to silence upcoming protests by applying inhuman pressures on Mostafa Salehi’s family
Iranian authorities try to silence upcoming protests by applying inhuman pressures on Mostafa Salehi’s family

By Pooya Stone

On September 12, Iranian authorities summoned the late Mostafa Salehi’s family to the Najafabad Court and threatened his widow and orphans with the seizure of their garden and home. They announced that these properties would be confiscated if they do not pay 5 billion rials (about US $21,700) as soon as possible.

Mostafa Salehi was executed on August 5 for taking part in the anti-government Iran protests of 2018.

In late August, Iran’s judiciary had ordered Mostafa Salehi’s wife to pay 4.25 billion rials (about $18,450) as “Blood Money.” However, on September 9 and 10, authorities summoned this grieving family to the Isfahan Revolutionary Court and announced that the “Blood Money” had increased to 5 billion rials.

In response, this family complained, saying that Mostafa was killed despite being innocent of any crime and that his children had become orphans. However, the judge and court employees insulted this grieving family with obscene and vulgar language. They also threatened this poor family that their home, garden, and properties would be confiscated if they do not pay 5 billion rials.

The blood money has been estimated based on injuries, including each scratch and even bruise. However, Mostafa had rejected all allegations during the proceeding period and complained against false accusations.

All the while, Mostafa Salehi was frequently subjected to excessive and harrowing torture in custody, which had never been prosecuted. Notably, the judge had sentenced him based on torture-tainted confessions. However, it seems that Iranian authorities intend to retaliate from Mostafa’s family in addition to hanging him on August 5.

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A Glance at What Interrogators Exercised Against Mostafa Salehi

According to a familiar source with the case, Bahrami and Arab interrogated Mostafa. They are intelligence officers and responsible for torture and other ill-treatment against this late protester.

They had reconstructed the “crime” for Mostafa Salehi. Then Bahrami gave him a gun and made a film. However, when Mostafa rejected their fake scenario, they suggested that he make a televised confession and admit to shooting. If he did so, they promised not to have anything to do with him.

Mostafa Salehi told Bahrami that I did nothing, and I will never admit to anything. You boast that you are security agents, therefore, find the murderer.

Afterward, Bahrami slapped in the face of Mostafa twice and said, “I must execute you at all costs. I made an honored word to superiors to hang one person from Kahrizsang city, Mostafa’s hometown.

“Mostafa Salehi was prohibited from speaking at the court. They had told him, ‘just shut up.’ The judge Morad Ali Najafpour only noted what Bahrami and Arab were saying. Afterward, they beat Mostafa to sign the proceeding accord,” the source said.

“Also, there were some wrenches, welding machine, and a few electric scrapped appliances in a warehouse at Mostafa’s home. The state security forces of Goldasht district seized all of them after arresting Mostafa Salehi.

“Later, when his family referred to Goldasht police station, the chief of station refused to hand over them, saying, ‘These appliances were our forces’ share and do not look for them.’ In fact, they had divided the tools that valued $800 between themselves,” the source added.

In reality, Iranian authorities pursue to send a message to the outrage society that laid in an ambush to use any opportunity to release its fury against the entire ruling system like November 2019. However, the ayatollahs are practically fueling the people’s rage and expanding the current gap between their rule and citizens, putting further anti-establishment protests and uprisings on the horizon.

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