Iran General News‘There is no honour in parroting the mullahs’

‘There is no honour in parroting the mullahs’


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London, 24 Nov – A leading organisation for Iranian Americans has issued a statement critisicizing the US Ambassador and former Coordinator for Counterterrorism over his pro-Iranian Regime comments. 

Daniel Benjamin attacked the Iranian opposition movement known as the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK/PMOI), despite being in the State Department when the MEK was taken off the terrorist list, where they never belonged in the first place.

He sat on the board that was criticized by Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, for its hostility towards the MEK and lack of strategy on the Iranian Regime’s security threat. 

The statement from the Organization of Iranian-American Communities (OIAC) read: “What we, members of Iranian-American Communities, are astounded by is the depth of depravity that he and his ilk will sink to in defending their ill—gotten infamy for impeding the Iranian people’s struggles for genuine democracy by effectively aiding and abetting the sectarian Islamic theocratic despots in Iran.” 

Benjamin prefers the moderate “intellectuals” from the Iranian Regime, seemingly unaware that there are no moderates in the Regime. They hijacked a people’s revolution against one unjust system to replace it with another deeply unpopular regime. 

The Iranian Regime oppresses its own people with human rights violations and mass executions but it also strengthens the Syrian dictator, interferes in the affairs of US allies, attacks US personnel. 

The OIAC statement read: “He sheds crocodile tears for brutal henchmen of the Iranian regime who faced justice in the upheavals resulting from their own bloody suppressions of Iranian dissenters.” 

Benjamin just doesn’t understand; the MEK was founded to fight for freedom and democracy in Iran and they will continue to fight until they get it. Given the USA’s own fight for freedom, that began their country as it is today, you think he’d support the freedom fighters. 

Benjamin should be wary of making MEK support a partisan issue, as freedom from oppression is not a Democratic or a Republican value but an American one. 

The OIAC finished their statement fittingly. 

It read: “If Mr. Benjamin has an axe to grind, let him keep the MEK out of it, unless the axe he is grinding is against the Iranian people and opposition. If that is the case, then we can only pity him for being on the wrong side of history.” 

It continued: “There is no honour in parroting the mullahs in discredited talking points against the MEK. The MEK have proved in seven high court rulings that the propaganda that Mr. Benjamin now repeats as facts were completely baseless.”


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