Iran General NewsIran’s Presidential Election and the Regime’s Diminishing Security

Iran’s Presidential Election and the Regime’s Diminishing Security


Iran’s 2021 presidential election has become a nightmare for the government, a nightmare created by the non-participation of the Iranian people. Despite all its claims of the ‘great’ participation of the people, the people have boycotted this election which was visible days and weeks before the election day in their posts and messages on the internet and the social media, especially by the mothers of the killed people of the November 2019 protests.

The regime, fearing the consequences of its sham election which primarily will become a security issue for the regime and endanger its existence did everything to force the people to participate.

But this time everything is different, for the people, both factions of the regime, the so-called reformists and the principlists are dead because years have taught them more than books.

And now the regime is forced to lie on the bed which it has made for itself. A bed without security and support of the people, which is calling for the end of this regime.

Putting the videos of the voting stations published by the regime’s main news agency IRIB News, along with those published by the regime’s main opposition group the MEK will show us a clear image of the situation and the people’s election boycott.

But this can be seen and read from the many speeches of the regime’s officials and the elements who begging for the people’s participation, and if this not happened, the regime’s security will be in a very bad situation. Below are some of the many samples showing the regime’s fear.

Mohammad Javad Zahrii, Director General of Islamic Propaganda of Qazvin Province said to the people, “Despite these grievances, we must know that each of our votes provides security and political authority for Islamic Iran in the region.” (Mehr News Agency, June 18, 2021)

Khabar Online on June 18, 2021, fearing the situation wrote: “The March 2020 election, which saw a turnout of less than 50 percent, raised concerns that this election might repeat that bitter experience too. That is why in recent days, the elders and officials of the system have repeatedly invited people to participate in the elections and to go to the polls. A presence that can change the election scene in favor of what the people want and be an important signal across borders.”

Then this media in a table collected the speeches of some of the regime’s officials which is showing the regime’s bad situation:

Javad Arin Manesh, principlist: “In the whole country, I predict about 40 to 42% (participation). In metropolitan areas, we will have the lowest participation rate in Tehran, and after that in the centers of large provinces such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, and Tabriz, the participation rate is expected to be about 30%.

“You can even see that Mr. Khatami invites the people to participate. It does not call for the support of a particular candidate and wants to send a message to the public that the reform process has no representative in the electoral arena, but they should not be angry with the ballot box. However, the outcome of the election is almost pre-determined and Mr. Raisi’s presidency is almost certain.”

Mohamad Ali Abtahi, reformist: “I do not have access to polls, and I think there have been changes in them since yesterday and today, at the same time I think that the ​​participation is below 50%.”

Morteza Alviri, reformist: “Low participation indicates that the republic has been weakened and the people do not support to rule. I am not a polling center, but no doubt less than 50% will participate.”

Ali Tajernia, reformist: “So far, according to opinion polls, the turnout is below 40% or slightly above 40%.”

Mansour Haghighatpour, principlist: “Officials from all political currents, regardless of party or group interests, must invite the people to participate. The diversity of candidates is indeed reduced, but it is still not the case that people will not be able to choose their preferred candidate from the few candidates that remain or will remain. So, God willing, the people will come and cast their votes in the ballot box.”

Mohamad Taghi Rahbar: “The presence of the people should be colorful so that the enemies do not take advantage of this issue and do not increase their coercion.”

Lotfollah Furuzandeh, principlist: “My request to the people of Iran is that with all tastes, styles, and thoughts, given that we are all Iranians and we are interested in Iran and we want our country to be in security and peace and the ground for growth to be provided for it, all people from different currents the left, the right, the independent, etc. having a wide participation in the upcoming elections.”

Ali Motahari, independent: “The high turnout in this election has two positive effects; First, it will send an important message to the Western world and our neighbors. In other words, it has a message for the world, and it will certainly be effective in lifting sanctions and reviving the JCPOA more quickly.”

Mahmoud Vaezi, the head of the Office of the regime’s President: “I hope that the dear people will feel more responsible than before in these very sensitive internal and external conditions and have a wider presence at the ballot box and know that the country belongs to them and for the development of the country and the peace and tranquility of the country and the future of their children, they must decide. We started democracy forty years ago and we are moving forward step by step. There may be violations, but we should never be angry with the ballot box, and we should not be disappointed.”

Fars news agency quoting Abdol Jawad Tohidi Moghadam the Governor of Neka: “Maximum presence in the elections will thwart the conspiracies of the enemies, and we must try with maximum presence to witness the manifestation of another day of God.”

Shabestan news agency quoted one of the regime’s clerics Peyman Dalvand Pour and wrote: “The widespread presence of the people in the elections thwarts the conspiracies of the enemies.”

Shabestan news agency quoted Seyed Ali Mousavi a cleric and wrote: “Today, due to the presence of each individual in the elections, the Islamic system will be strengthened, and the enemies will be weakened.”

Pool News quoted Ahamd Jannati Secretary of the regime’s Guardian Council and wrote: “As long as these people are on the scene, the enemy can do nothing.”

This cleric begged the people and said: “I have three requests, the first participation, the second participation, the third participation.”

Hassan Rouhani the regime’s president: “This election is very important, and I ask the people not to pay attention to the problems and issues that existed in the pre-registration stages of the candidates and to vote for their desired candidate by going to the polls.” (State-run website Tabir-va-omid, June 18, 2021)

Presidential candidate Mohsen Rezaee: “The presence of the people in the elections will strengthen Iran’s authority and security, and the people with their presence will vote to build the future of the country.” (State-run website Eghtesad Online, June 18, 2021)

Ali Malek Shahkouhi commander of the Nineveh IRGC Corps in Golestan province said: “The people will disappoint the enemies with maximum presence and participation at the ballot box.” (Tasnim News, June 18, 2021)

Abbas Akhoundi former Minister of Roads and Urban Development: “I am concerned about Iran, and Iran is in a very dangerous situation, and a series of malicious people are seeking to divide the Iranian nation and even some kind of separatist actions. The presence of the people at the ballot box is very effective in this regard, and in fact, we must consider Iran and put aside our egos.” (Jamaran News, June 18, 2021)

Seyed Esmail Mousavi the Friday prayer leader of Ramhormoz: “Elections guarantee national security and the power of the country.” (ISNA, June 18, 2021)

Ali Motahari former MP: “I hope that the participation will be high, and the people will participate, which will have good effects for the country. It has both foreign and domestic effects and will be a message to the world and is effective in lifting sanctions and reviving the JCPOA.” (State-run website Nameh, June 18, 2021)

Ahmad Alamolhoda: “Those who do not go to the polls, if they do not have a religious or customary excuse, they also vote, but they vote for the enemy; Vote for the hypocrites. Are you ready to vote for (the Mojahedin)? If you did not vote in this election and did not have an excuse, then you voted for the enemy.” (State-TV Astan-e-Quds, June 18, 2021)

Yousef Tabatabai Nejad: “Every not given vote will help the enemy, we are now in two phases. We say we should vote; The enemy says we should not vote. So, I want to say one thing, not intentionally; They deliberately do not want to oppose or vote for the enemy. But in the end, the result of their work is that if they do not vote for this side, it means that they vote for the other side. That is the nature of their work.” (State-TV Esfehan Channel, June 18, 2021)

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