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Iran Focus:
Iranians arrested in Basra, Kirkuk
Prison riot leaves 3 dead, many wounded
Young Afghan man sentenced to execution
Over 150 protests nationwide over past month
New suppressive forces in Babol during Ramadan
3,000 workers laid off
Accidents at work leave 12 dead from burns this week Iran Focus

Iranians arrested in Basra, Kirkuk
Baghdad – Three Iranians have been arrested in the the Iraqi cities of Basra and Kirkuk carrying three kilograms of illegal drugs. Kazem Al’Hali of the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards yesterday confirmed their arrests in the Iranian daily, Khorassan.

Prison riot leaves 3 dead, many wounded
Abadan – A riot in Abadan’s central prison on Tuesday left three inmates dead and many more injured. A number of prisoners took control over Ward 2 of the prison and held a number of security guards hostage. Iran’s overcrowded prisons have on many ocassions been the scenes of rioting leaving scores dead.

Young Afghan man sentenced to execution
Tehran – A 20-year-old Afghan man was sentenced to public hanging, the regime’s Etema’ad daily reported. The young man identified only by his first name, Gholam-Ali, was accused of murdering one of his friends.

Over 150 protests nationwide over past month
Tehran – Over 150 anti-government protests have been held throughout the country in the past month. Sixty students demonstrations, pickets and strikes were reported, some of which continued for well over two weeks. 37 demonstrations and strikes were reported to have taken place by workers throughout Iran. Over 20 street clashes and riots reportedly took place between protesters and State Security Forces. Other strikes and protests were also held by doctors, nurses, factory workers and teachers.

New suppressive forces in Babol during Ramadan
Babol – Local residents have reported a new suppresive organ of the Iranian regime which clamps down on those who eat in public in the holy Islamic month of Ramadan in the town of Babol. Those caught eating are lashed in public immediately, local people said.

3,000 workers laid off
Khuzestan – Three thousand workers of the Karoon Shoushtar sugar production factory were laid off in the southwestern Iranian province of Khuzestan. The plant originally employed 15,000 workers but has been forced to reduce its workforce to 12,000.

Accidents at work leave 12 dead from burns this week
Tehran – 12 workers have die of burns and a further 619 injured in the past week according to a report released by the accidents department of Tehran’s burns recovery unit. The report added that 274 of the injured were men and 345 were women. A five-month-old baby and a 13-year-old child were among those who died of their burns.

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