THE leader of the Iranian resistance has called on the international community to adopt a policy in favor of the regime change in Iran to halt the march of ISIS.


THE leader of the Iranian resistance has called on the international community to adopt a policy in favor of the regime change in Iran to halt the march of ISIS.

During an historic testimony before US Congress, Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), said it was now time to form a coalition to stand up to Tehran’s belligerent polices and to side with Iranian people and the resistance to reject the theocratic government ruling there since 1979.

She told a hearing exploring the growth of Islamic State that the Iranian dictatorship had “served as the main source of this ominous phenomenon in the region and across the world”.

Mrs Rajavi went on to tell the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade, chaired by Republican Ted Poe that any future for ISIS “hinged on the Iranian regime remaining in power”.

She added the religious dictatorship had provided logistical support to Islamic State and created the “fertile ground” which had allowed it to emerge.

Mrs Rajavi said: “Today, Islamic fundamentalism and extremism, under the name of ISIS or Shiite paramilitary groups, have launched a vicious assault on countries in the region and beyond including America and Europe.

“Islamic fundamentalism emerged as a threat to peace and security when Khomeini stole the leadership of a popular revolution in 1979 and established a religious dictatorship.

“For 36 years, we have resisted a religious tyranny and fought for democracy in Iran.

“The experience of the past three decades shows that in the absence of a firm policy vis-à-vis the epicentere of fundamentalism, namely the regime in Tehran, there will be destructive consequences.

“Unfortunately, failure to stop the Iranian regime’s post-2003 meddling in Iraq enabled it to gradually occupy that country, driving the unprecedented spread of fundamentalism.

“Similarly, crimes committed by the Quds Force and Bashar Assad in Syria and the massacre and exclusion of Sunnis in Iraq by Maliki, coupled with Western silence, empowered ISIS.

“I emphasizese that the mullahs’ regime is not part of any solution to the current crisis; it is indeed the heart of the problem.

“The ultimate solution to this problem is regime change by the Iranian people and Resistance.”

Mrs Rajavi said the time was now right to back the Iranian Resistance as the state’s ruling regime was “extremely fragile and vulnerable”.

“The regime’s show of force is hollow and a result of weak Western policy.

“Owing to the pivotal role of the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI/MEK) as a democratic Muslim movement, the Iranian Resistance has established itself the antithesis to Islamic fundamentalism.

“We can and we must defeat Islamic fundamentalism, whether Shiite or Sunni.”

Mrs Rajavi said any international coalition must follow seven key practical steps to achieve this goal:

1) The removal of the Quds Force from Iraq and end of the Iranian regime’s influence in that country;
2) Full participation of Sunni Muslims in power sharing and the arming of Sunni tribes to provide security for their communities;
3) Providing Syria’s moderate opposition and people with help to end Assad’s regime and
establishing democracy in that country;
4) Recognizing the Iranian people’s aspirations to overthrow the mullahs and ending inaction vis-à-vis the gross human rights violations in Iran;
5) Providing protection for and upholding the rights of members of Iran’s organised opposition, the MEK, residing in Camp Liberty in Iraq.
6) Empowering the true, democratic and tolerant Islam to counter fundamentalist interpretations of this religion;
7) The removal of all pathways for the Iranian regime to acquire nuclear weapons.

Mrs Rajavi stressed fundamentalism had nothing to do with Islam, which she called a religion of compassion and freedom.

She concluded: “We are laying the seeds for a new chapter between our two nations. It’s now time for the international community to reject the mullahs’ regime and side with the people of Iran.”

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