Life in Iran TodayThe Truth of a Human Disaster in Iran

The Truth of a Human Disaster in Iran


Equal participation of all the people in creating the law of a country is one of the main necessities to become a progressive and democratic society. This will tie the flourishing human’s talents to a nation with a strong economic and social base and the people’s power will be used for determining collective affairs. It will empower the nation’s feeling of a unique nation.

In such a nation, progress will be equal to freedom and will give the people the opportunity to seek equality which will finally lead to a progressive nation, while eliminating negative competition.

The people will be able to think further than just concerning biological, spiritual, and social necessities, and by recognizing their abilities each of them will become an aid to their society.

While looking at the map of Iran’s development we are witnessing that none of these exist in Iran.

Iran in sub-categories such as life expectancy, access to health and medical services, access to shelter and food and drinking water, basic and advanced education, personal safety, access to information and communication technologies, and other essential technologies of daily life has a concerning condition and it is even not close to the standards of developed countries while closing to the situation of third countries.

Other indicators such as individual freedoms, the right to choose in life, human rights, the equality of social groups, and the right of freedom of expression are signs of Iran’s poor performance, which are big barriers to the country’s progression.

Iran’s performance in economic subindexes of development also shows that those that motivate economic activism such as economic stability, protection of material and intellectual property rights, protection of innovation patents, support for new businesses, and support for small investors are not in favorable conditions, and even most of them are below the global average performance.

Human power could become the strength of Iran’s progression, but this should not be expected in a country under the fundamentalist mullahs’ rule.

But as many of the government’s specialists said, instead of being on the side of the government to help the country’s progression, the people are confronting it. People who do not have the chance to be active in a political and economic environment and do not have the authority to choose their rights are becoming the ‘enemy of the rule’ as these specialists said.

The missing link in Iran’s development is for human beings to be free, and participatory citizens, while this rule has eliminated many of those who even tried or dared to follow this path in the nation’s favor.

Economic growth and individual freedoms have always strengthened each other. The advancement of economic growth requires free activists and the right to choose, and on the other hand, the need to enjoy guaranteed individual rights and freedoms is the existence of a significant level of prosperity.

Statistical evidence shows that there is a correlation between citizens’ freedom and their standard of living. Politically open countries, where the law governs everyone equally, private property rights are protected, and the market economy prevails, grow three times more than countries deprived of these freedoms.

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