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Iran: Social Collapse or a Ticking Timebomb Waiting To Explode?


“The totalitarian attempt at global conquest and total domination has been the destructive way out of all impasses. Its victory may coincide with the destruction of humanity; wherever it has ruled, it has begun to destroy the essence of man.” (Hannah Arendt)

‘Destroying the essence of man…’, this is what is happening now in Iran under the totalitarian rule of the mullahs. Experts describe Iran’s clerical leadership as enemies of freedom and the main source of global fundamentalism, which has now destroyed the entire Middle East, especially over the past 40 years. As an example, the origins of what we are now witnessing in Afghanistan is not in this country itself, rather it stems from Iran.

Having a look at this picture will explain everything. The question raised here is what are we witnessing in Iran? The answer is simple: social collapse. And what is the social collapse? The death of morality and the rise of modern slavery by destroying the identity.

Iran’s state broadcaster and state-run websites and media, Friday prayers leaders, the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij, its government, and finally the supreme leader are nothing but a mixture of ideological vulgarity and moral decay, dissidents say.

All the political and economic efforts of the mullahs’ Islamic system are to spread this ideological vulgarity and morality death into the deepest level of the social life. The goal, however, is to neutralize all impulses, energies, and kill the hope of change.

Getting people used to watch street execution scenes, getting used to the growth of poverty, becoming indifferent to each other, promoting numbness in the face of political and economic corruption of the ruling class, getting used to organ sales, getting used to garbage collectors, getting used to homeless people, getting used to not realizing their demands, etc., this is the macro policy of Iran’s regime.

The goal is to neutralize the human conscience and morality by repeating these habits. The goal is to kill the shame that is one of the most transcendent senses of man so that the continuation of domination, tyranny, and exploitation is effortlessly guaranteed.

The social collapse in occupied Iran by the mullahs is so openly advanced that even its state media point to this catastrophic event.

“Iran is suffering from a social collapse. The alarm is ringing where the collapse exceeds 50 percent and enters a critical phase where I believe our society is in this situation.

“One of the big signs of social collapse is when we see someone leaning down to the waist inside the trash can and passing by. The more people feel helpless, submit, think about their livelihood, or wait for the savior, the collapse in that society is much more.” (State-run daily Hamdeli, on September 7, 2021, quoting a social expert.)

The only barrier that has stopped Khamenei and his system from gaining full supremacy and inevitably turning to the policy of contraction and the selection of a criminal and mass executioner as the president is the existence of a vigilant resistance, along with a resilient and rebellious people who have read the mullahs’ hands and responded with several uprisings over the past decade.

It can be said that the mullahs are not able to kill the hope for a free and democratic Iran.

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