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Troubling Statistics on Malnutrition in Iran


Today in all nations, especially industrial and developed societies, human resources are playing an important role, and are referred to as the “Development Factor”. In this factor, elites play the most important role, something that is not in the interest of Iran’s government, which is wasting and destroying this most important value of the country.

Therefore, both the rate of depression and the lack of proper nutrition are skyrocketing in the country. The most important factor to fight these two damages is the enjoyment of any person to provide a proper livelihood, which in Iran due to the high costs and inflation has become a dream.

It has been announced by the country’s official statistics that the consumption of protein and dairy products is lower than half of the world’s standards. The high costs and reduced purchasing power of people have caused demand for Iranian groceries to fall by 30 to 35 percent compared to the same period a year ago.

Earlier, there was news that the people of Iran due to their financial inability are forced to pay with credit for the goods, even for commodities with low prices, something that indicates the dire situation of the people.

At the same time, the latest statistics provided by the Central Bank show that the poverty line in the country has reached 11 million tomans ($400), and accordingly, it can be concluded that the majority of people live below the poverty line and have the least access to food and proteins.

The state-run website Tejarat News on September 22, 2021, quoted the head of the Dietetic Association as saying that people’s food security is severely damaged and that people could no longer afford the standard calories they needed per day.

This media outlet went on to point out the prices of some of the essential items of people’s daily lives, which have been removed from the household nutrition basket due to expensiveness, such as:

“Beans that in August 2021 compared to last year has increased more than 50 percent, Iranian rice about 42 percent, pasta more than 20 percent and bread more than 50 percent.”

In the end, this report pointed out that, “Although the head of the Iranian Nutrition Association recommends that people should replace cheaper food with expensive food, some people do not even have the economic power to replace them.”

Zahra Abdollahi, director-general of the Nutrition Improvement Office of Iran’s Ministry of Health, in an interview with the state-run news agency ILNA, while trying to hide the regime’s responsibility for the starvation of the people, on October 9, 2021, said:

“Rising food prices all together have increased the risk of food insecurity in the country, especially in low-income and poor deciles. Currently, there is concern that, given the above-mentioned cases, i.e., drought and economic conditions, conditions in low-income provinces will worsen and food insecurity will increase.”

A progressive country means educating people who can manage the country’s future. A man who must constantly care about his/her livelihood will definitely do not care about the country’s future.

About this concerning situation and the country’s future the lawmaker of Khomein Shahr in an interview with the state-run website Eghtesad-24 said:

“Imam Ali says that if oppression is done, it will cause that the people do not tolerate the rule anymore. The implementation of justice shows its manifestations in this material supply and is perceptible. If the masses feel deprived of the most basic facilities that will contribute to their physical health, they will not tolerate the rulers, certainly.” (State-run website Eghtesad-24, November 3, 2021)

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