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Military chief says Iran prepared for war with the West


Iran Focus: Tehran, Iran, Dec. 12 – The Supreme Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi called for all Islamic nations to unite under one flag. Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Dec. 12 – The Supreme Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi called for all Islamic nations to unite under one flag.

According to a statement released by Safavi’s office on Sunday, the ranking commander of the elite force told a gathering of IRGC officers and female combatants that Iran was ready to face all foreign threats.

“In parallel with threats posed, the IRGC will upgrade its structure, courses, utilities, and equipment with today’s technological advancements. The IRGC’s forces are ready to face any foreign and domestic threat in accordance with this doctrine”, Safavi said.

The military chief said that there was good unity among Iran’s government, Majlis (Parliament), and judiciary to counter foreign threats. “Domestic and foreign enemies are worried of unity and steadfastness inside the country and try to create ethnic strife in various regions [in Iran”>, especially in the border regions, using various excuses including underdevelopment”, he said.

Safavi went on to say that the theory for a uni-polar globe had met defeat. “Taking into consideration the existence of power poles, including Europe and certain Asian countries, nations of the Islamic world can be defined as a world power pole. They can even create a Union of Islamic States that can defend their religious identity and supremacy”.

“There has been an increase of Islamic awakening following the victory of the [1979″> Islamic revolution in Iran. The world’s Muslims have experienced an example of a religious democracy in the Islamic Republic.

“The United States was after control of the world’ political, economic, and cultural leadership, but the Islamic revolution, Islamic awakening, and the events in Iraq and Afghanistan have helped in brining about America’s defeat in its goals.

“At present, America’s foreign policy boat has gotten stuck in mud in Iraq. This country’s leaders in Iraq neither have a plan to move forward nor a plan to move back. If in Iraq’s parliamentary elections America’s opponents come to power, the occupiers must accept their defeat and leave Iraq”.

Earlier this month, the IRGC chief declared that the U.S. would suffer a greater defeat in Iraq than it did in its war in Vietnam.

Safavi told a gathering of senior military commanders in the north-eastern city of Mashad that a future Iraq would be in the hands of Muslims.

“America’s uni-polar domination of the world has failed”, Safavi said.

Referring to the Thursday’s parliamentary elections in Iraq, he said, “More than 50 percent of Iraq’s parliament will be comprised of committed and Islamic forces. The future of Iraq will be in the hands of Muslims”.

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