NewsSpecial WireSenior Iran cleric calls French president “idiot”

Senior Iran cleric calls French president “idiot”


Iran Focus: Tehran, Iran, Jan. 27 – A senior Iranian Ayatollah told worshippers in Tehran’s Friday prayers ceremony that French President Jacques Chirac was “an idiot” ruling over “the worst dictatorship in the world”. Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Jan. 27 – A senior Iranian Ayatollah told worshippers in Tehran’s Friday prayers ceremony that French President Jacques Chirac was “an idiot” ruling over “the worst dictatorship in the world”.

Ayatollah Mohammad Emami-Kashani’s vitriolic remarks were in reaction to the French leader’s recent statement, in which he said France might react to a major terrorist incident on its soil with its nuclear arsenal.

“You French idiot! You who consider yourself as the President of France! You get everything completely wrong. You see democracy as suppression and suppression as democracy. You yourselves have the worst dictatorship”, Emami-Kashani, who is close to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said.

“You say you want to drop these [nuclear”> bombs on terrorists, but these bombs pollute a wide area of the Earth and the pollution will even reach France. So you want to drop [nuclear”> bombs on the people”, the senior cleric said, addressing the French president.

Emami-Kashani said the Islamic Republic would refuse to abdicate its “right” to carry out nuclear activities on its own soil, despite the threat of UN Security Council referral.

“We will not compromise on the issue of nuclear energy”, he told worshippers in Tehran.

Emami-Kashani said that Iranian leaders could see how the issue of Iran’s nuclear rights was linked to “plots and conspiracies” being hatched by Iran’s “enemies” in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East, and the recent explosions in the south-west Iranian city of Ahwaz.

“The key to the power and authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its becoming a role model lies in access to nuclear technology and we will not stop our nuclear research for access to nuclear energy”, he said.

“There is a common scenario behind the curtain for Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran’s nuclear program and the main issue is that they are opposed to any progress by Iran’s ruling system”, he added.

He told Washington to take note that “Iran’s Majlis, government, judiciary, State Expediency Council, universities, and all the people” want Iran to become a nuclear power.

He went on to accuse Iran’s enemies of having a hand in the twin-bombings that left nine people dead in the city of Ahwaz on Tuesday.

On the issue of the Palestinian elections and the victory of Hamas, Emami-Kashani said, “The Zionists described the Palestinian elections to be an earthquake. We hope that this earthquake continues until it reaches the White House”.

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