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Iran daily calls France a fascist state


Iran Focus: Tehran, Iran, Feb. 02 – A semi-official Iranian daily called France a “fascist state” in an editorial on Thursday. Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Feb. 02 – A semi-official Iranian daily called France a “fascist state” in an editorial on Thursday.

The hard-line daily Kayhan, which reflects the position of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei criticised the European Union for attempting to have the Islamic Republic’s nuclear file referred to the United Nations Security Council less than a month since French President Jacques Chirac publicly stated that he would be willing to use non-conventional weapons, such as nuclear bombs, to respond to a major terrorist incident on French soil.

The daily accused Paris of increasing its arsenal of weapons on mass destruction rather than disarming.

“This is the same France as the one which for years held up the flag of democracy and human rights in the West”, the editorial mocked.

“One question is this: Why is there such a noticeable difference between its claims and its action, and why did Jacques Chirac gloat in such a medieval manner?”, it wrote.

Kayhan said that nuclear weapons in the hands of the power blocks put psychological pressure more than anything else on smaller countries. “Every once in a while, nuclear-armed nations see it to be necessary to threaten other countries, especially those who are denied such arms, with the existence of their nuclear weapons and the possibility that they may use them so that their bombs do not lose their value”, it said.

Kayhan added that Chirac had faced very hard days towards the end of 2005. “The onslaught of disruption which came about after the brutal killing of two youths from France’s minorities being chased by the country’s police continued for more than three weeks. It covered 170 towns, and during this period at least 9,000 vehicles were set alight and it cost insurance companies some 250 million Euros worth of damages. 3,000 people were arrested, 600 people were imprisoned, and 120 people were sentenced to exile, and marshal law from the times of the imperialist war against Algeria (1955) was enforced for three months in the country which has been named ‘the land of democracy and freedom’. The French President tried in the first week to not show any reaction and let Interior Minister Nicholas Sarkozy make all the stupid comments like calling young protesters the scum of French society and threatening to wipe them off the earth”.

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