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Italy Blocks EU Sanctions on Iran


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London, 18 Apr – United States President Trump warned the signatories of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement that he will pull his country out of the deal if major changes cannot be made. He wants the significant flaws and weaknesses in the deal to be strengthened and fixed and wants Iran’s ballistic missile program to be addressed.

During the deal negotiations, Iran refused to let its ballistic missile program be included. It argued that the missile program has nothing to do with the nuclear issues – and former President Barack Obama agreed. However, Trump has argued that this is not the case. And it is certainly true that the situation has changed because Iran has unveiled new missiles that it has developed. They are capable of carrying a nuclear warhead – so logically, this should be classed as a nuclear issue.

Trump gave the other signatories of the deal a deadline of 12th May. The date is less than a month away and it appears that the Europeans are trying to come up with a solution to keep Trump happy and in the deal.

However, Germany, France and the United Kingdom are facing opposition from some of the other EU members, in particular Italy and Austria. Germany, France and the United Kingdom proposed new sanctions on Iran, but to get them pushed through it needs a unanimous vote.

The three countries wanted to have its proposal of directing sanctions at Iran approved to show Trump that they are serious about holding Iran accountable. They want to direct sanctions towards commanders and militias that are fighting on the behalf of Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

Italy opposes the approval, worried that sanctioning Iran will not stop Trump from abandoning a separate nuclear agreement. The EU wants to keep the deal in tact but Trump seems intent on scrapping it.

Some European leaders have faced criticism for their wholehearted support of the Iran nuclear deal and for their willingness to ensure that business relations with Iran are protected. It is unfortunate, and rather inappropriate, that officials from the European Union are prepared to put human rights violations, belligerence, and so on, to one side. The European Union is founded on rights for all. Seemingly, this is not the case for Iran.

Human rights violations in Iran are alarming and the people of Iran are given very little freedom in their lives. The proud people of Iran are thoroughly ashamed that their government is assisting people like Bashar al Assad and supporting terrorist groups across the region.

President Trump has shown his commitment to countering the Iranian threat. Following the news of the recent airstrike in Syria, it appears that France and the United Kingdom are also committed to putting an end to the use of chemical weapons in Syria – something that Iran has been heavily involved in.

The airstrikes in Syria may also show that the three-nation alliance is prepared to do what it takes to counter the Iranian regime’s belligerence.

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