Iran Nuclear NewsNatanz Site a Cemetery for Khamenei's Aspirations

Natanz Site a Cemetery for Khamenei’s Aspirations


Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is fast pursuing a goal of announcing himself as a nuclear power by surprising the world, analysts argue. In that case, the nuclear bomb would be in the hands of a government that is known as the main sponsor of international terrorism and fundamentalism and this would be a disaster for the world.

And this is an unavoidable path for Khamenei. He knows that this is the only way to secure his regime. Khamenei’s main nuclear project is at the Natanz site. But since this site is the main focus of Khamenei, it is also raising the attention of other parties in the world, especially intelligence services.

Some reports say this site was attacked for a second time on Sunday, April 11, 2021. The regime’s officials first claimed that the event on Sunday was just an accident, while the power of the site was cut off. But later the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi, presented this ‘accident’ as ‘nuclear terrorism’ and said that “we consider our right to take action against agents and advocates.”

He added: “The action today against the Natanz Enrichment Center represents the failure of the opposition of nuclear progresses and negotiations.”

He demanded the international community confront this “nuclear terrorism.” He said that the goal of the perpetrators of this action was to “avoid impressive development of the nuclear industry on the one hand and successful negotiations to eliminate the cruel sanctions.”

Although Israeli sources confirmed the involvement of this country in the Natanz explosion and Salehi had confirmed foreign agents’ involvement, the head of the technical group of the examination of the incident in a conversation with the site “Noor News,” which is close to the Supreme National Security Council, called this ‘media propaganda.’ According to this official, whose name was not disclosed, “The technical group is investigating the occurrence of today.”

The incident on Sunday, April 11, led to the cutoff of electricity at the uranium enrichment facilities in Natanz. Due to this incident, Iran’s ability to enrich uranium suffered a severe blow. Specialists said that the Iranian government needs at least nine months to return to the situation before the blast.

It should be noted that in July 2020 the Centrifuge Assembly Center at Natanz facility was attacked for the first time. But government officials never published a final report on the nature of the attack and damages. Although most of the Natanz nuclear facilities are built underground, it is the second time that due to mysterious attacks, severe damage has hit this site.

The amazing point was that the night before this incident, Salehi in an interview on state TV on April 11 said: “The centrifuge assembly hall was demolished by our enemy a few months ago. But we did not step back, and we constructed a temporarily salon, which was the compensator of the lost salon.”

Israel’s Kan public radio cited intelligence sources, whose nationality it did not disclose, as saying that the Mossad spy agency had carried out a cyber-attack at the site.

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