Iran Nuclear NewsRussia, China differ with U.S. on Iran

Russia, China differ with U.S. on Iran


AP: Russia and China insisted Friday that a Security Council resolution on Iran stress diplomacy and oversight of Tehran’s nuclear program instead of raising the threat of possible future action. Associated Press


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UNITED NATIONS (AP) – Russia and China insisted Friday that a Security Council resolution on Iran stress diplomacy and oversight of Tehran’s nuclear program instead of raising the threat of possible future action.

Those demands kept Russia and China at odds with the United States, Britain and France over a proposed draft resolution.

The three Western nations had been hoping the council would adopt the resolution before foreign ministers of six key nations meet in New York on Monday to try to negotiate with Iran.

But it was clear after meetings on Friday that council members remain divided on two key issues and bridging the divide will be difficult.

The council agreed to hold an informal meeting on Saturday afternoon to go over members’ concerns about the text. U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said he was ready to work around the clock, but other members were less enthusiastic.

Under the proposed draft, the Security Council’s demand in late March for Iran to stop enrichment would be made mandatory, and Tehran would be given a short period to comply. If it refuses, the resolution says the council intends to consider “further measures” to ensure compliance.

The sponsors, who believe Iran’s goal is to produce nuclear weapons, want the resolution adopted under Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter which can be enforced by sanctions – or if necessary – military action. The draft also includes a declaration that the “proliferation risk” posed by Iran constitutes a threat to international peace and security.

Both China and Russia have said they oppose putting the resolution under Chapter 7 or referring to Iran as a threat to international peace and security.

China’s U.N. Ambassador Wang Guangya was asked whether he believed Chapter 7 could open the way to the use of military force against Iran, as happened in Iraq.

“That is the concern, not only of China, but of others,” he said.

“We are looking for a diplomatic solution – what is the best language for a diplomatic solution,” he said.

Russia’s U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said “when people assert that the only way for this resolution to serve its purpose is to put some big statements in it, like Chapter 7, “threats to peace”, etcetera etcetera, – when they assert that this is strengthening the resolution, this is not necessarily the case.”

Bolton said he had told the Russians and Chinese to come up with some creative way to make the resolution mandatory without Chapter 7.

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