News on Iran Protests & DemonstrationsIran: “Do You Not Believe That Society Is Exploding?”

Iran: “Do You Not Believe That Society Is Exploding?”


Esahq Jahangiri, the vice president of Iran, in a gathering of officials of the regime, referring to the crises such as poverty, coronavirus, water scarcity, power outages, and other disasters, acknowledged the dangers and their destructive consequences and said:

“If we cannot deal with the problems and challenges in time, they become complex issues.” (State-run daily Jahan-e-Sanat, July 11, 2021)

This speech is a security alarm because the regime has no solution for these problems. And at the same time, the problems of the people with this regime are far beyond these challenges.

The truth is that besides all the economic, social, and environmental challenges, the problem of the people with this regime is political.

And the other problems are because of the political corruption of this regime. Therefore, the people have boycotted the regime’s election and every protest is becoming a scene against the regime, like the protests of the people because of the power outages which were along with slogans against the regime like ‘Down with Khamenei’.

In such a government, the people have no kind of security. The state-run daily Jahan-e-Sanat in an article entitled “The cost of Iran’s security” wrote:

“The fact is that in Iran, for various reasons, this feeling and the need for internal security is not high. The shortcomings of the government decision-making system in all post-war (Iran-Iraq war) governments and the numerous violations that governments have had and continue to have against citizens have led to mistrust, and Iranian citizens do not have peace of mind and feel that they are provided with sufficient security.

“It can be mentioned that in the last few months, numerous violations of the vaccination by the National Coronavirus Taskforce Headquarters have occurred despite their duty and the citizens do not feel safe. Iranian citizens willing to incur higher costs and more suffering and move to Armenia to feel more secure.” (Jahan-e-Sanat, July 11, 2021)

The same newspaper in an article titled ‘People do not believe in the officials’ while acknowledging that due to the actions of the regime, people’s security in society is declining day by day and the consequences that have appeared in the form of adverse economic, political, psychological, and cultural effects in society, is considered to cause distrust among the people, so that:

“Officials are seen as liars in the eyes of the people. The trust between the people and the government is so shabby that if one day the officials tell the whole truth, many people will still not believe it.”

The state-run Arman newspaper considered the distrust and anger of the people as the base for a ‘social explosion’ and wrote with the headline ‘You do not believe society is exploding’:

“The reason why the situation in the country has reached this point is that the officials do not do anything with a plan and are just talking. This has been happening in the country for almost a year.

“The power outage in the country is happening at a time when there have been various criticisms and protests in recent days. What is your assessment of the sociological dimensions of this event?

“Power outages are an excuse. The high-voltage electricity are unemployment, poverty, and inflation. People are exploding based on this high-voltage electricity.” (Arman daily, July 11, 2021)

“Warning for a dangerous gap” is the title of the editorial of the state-run daily Ebtekar, which mentioned: “According to statistics and objective observations, the class gap is in a deplorable state.”

“It is better to fill the class gap with a series of effective actions of decision-makers else it will be filled with the anger of the lower classes without any political support and will reach the boiling point because of poverty.” (Ebtekar, July 11, 2021)

About the Iranian society’s situation, this daily added: “The people of our society are very angry and these days the volume of bad news is so great that it has put everyone’s tolerance threshold at risk. Instability, uncertainty, and economic pressures are feelings of discrimination and inequality. Ignoring the demands of society and ignoring its growing expectations is the cause of this anger, our society is an angry society, and this is a great warning to the officials who are causing a considerable amount of this social anger.

“High anger in society has many destructive effects. An angry society becomes a destructive society if these negative energies want to be concentrated because there is a possibility of its eruption. In an angry society, there is nothing, but destruction and the officials must be afraid that this anger will burst. The eruption of angry is something normal when people cannot access their rights.” (Aftab-e-Yazd, July 11, 2021)

The repeated warning of the regime’s officials about the explosive situation is a confession to the readiness of the society for regime change.

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