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Iran Is Represented by a Grateful Nation – Iranian Youth Mark November 2019 Uprising


Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each man and woman who died protecting it. We do not know one promise these young men and women, one pledge they gave, one word they spoke; but we do know they summed up and perfected, by one supreme act, the highest virtues of men and citizens. For the love of country, they accepted death, and thus resolved all doubts, and made.

Marking the first anniversary of Iran’s nationwide November 2019 protests, that raced in more than 190 cities in the entire country, Iranian youth in exile held an online conference on Tuesday, November 10, vowing to continue the struggle of those who fall in that days.

In the days of these great nationwide events, in fear of been overthrew the Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei ordered a hostile command to terminate the protests. After this command, Iran’s dictatorship killed more than 1500 brave men and women. Over 4,000 were wounded and at least 12,000 were arrested.

Starting this event Mrs. Maryam Rajavi the President-elect of the National Council Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said:

“The uprising in November 2019 was neither indiscriminate nor spontaneous… It had no ties with any of the regime’s factions and no connections to any world power or government. On the contrary, the November uprising emanated from the Iranian people’s independent and liberating resolve.

“It was a genuine example of a revolt and a struggle to overthrow the regime. Its driving force was deprived but aware of youths inspired by Resistance Units. It was an example that implemented the strategy of the PMOI/MEK, the strategy of Resistance Units, and Rebellious Cities, she added.”

About the regime’s killings she added: “In November 2019, the regime began killing protesters from the onset. The slaughter took on a much greater scale on November 17, upon Khamenei’s order. He told his suppressive agencies to ‘fulfill their duties’ with regard to the protesters. This was an order for a ruthless massacre.”

Mrs. Rajavi also emphasized that the ruling corrupt government’s economic policies have resulted in mass poverty, skyrocketing prices, and unemployment.

“But all the poverty and hunger and so much oppression and injustice will not remain unanswered. Wherever we look, we can see a widespread and powerful desire for the overthrow of Khamenei’s regime as discontent and protests are simmering in Iranian society.”

About the regime’s crimes Mrs. Ingrid Betancourt, former Colombian senator, and presidential candidate said: “It is our duty to point our fingers at the criminals who murdered protesters in Iran. World leaders must take action now. What happens in Iran has consequences in our daily lives. The religious terrorism that strikes our streets has been financed by Iran. This has been shown in numerous trials, including the one being held this month in Antwerp, Belgium.

“The social classes who are thought to be the legitimizing backbone of the regime were the ones who were chanting slogans against the Khamenei and Rouhani in the streets and were shot to death by security forces.”

Swedish MP Magnus Oscasrsson said: “We need to work for democracy in Iran. We need change, a standard democracy. In different cities, people are rising up and saying it’s enough. It’s time for Sweden to support Iranian democracy. My friends, don’t give up, we stand with you in this struggle for freedom and fundamental rights.”

About the international’s duty about this regime, British MP Theresa Villiers said: “The international community must now intervene to stop the culture of impunity in Iran in order to prevent another massacre of dissidents in regime’s prisons. Silence is not an option and the international community and Western democracies must stand with the Iranian people and the organized Resistance movement as they continue to challenge the regime to establish a free and democratic Iran.”

Behrouz Maghsoudi, representative of the Iranian Youths Association in Norway said: “The November 2019 uprising was clearly a rebellion against the religious fascism in our country. The protesters knew that they will neither have the freedom nor decent livelihoods as long as the regime is in power.

“The November 2019 protester wanted the overthrow of the regime in its entirety and the establishment of a democratic republic, chanting: ‘Down with Khamenei,’ ‘We don’t want the mullahs’ regime,’ and ‘Death to the tyrant, be it the Shah or the Supreme Leader.’”

Dr. Ramesh Sepehrad, Adjunct Faculty at George Mason University about the November 2019 protests said: “The message of the uprising was that the regime must go, and it is on the verge of collapse.

“The regime’s tactics of terrorism and repression to scare the people are no longer effective. Generation after generation, the people of Iran have stood and supported the MEK. The resistance has its roots in Iranian society.”

Mitchell Reiss, Director of Policy Planning at the Department of State (2003-2005) said: “These protests took place because the Iranian people only wish what people all over the world wish for – the basic human right to live in freedom, to raise your family without fear, to elect honest officials who will represent your best interests and not steal from you, and to live a life of dignity.

“You and your colleagues all over Iran have made it clear that you want a change from this illegitimate regime. Your courage and bravery in the face of the regime’s violence and repression is inspiring.”

Princess Zamaswazi Dlamini-Mandela, human rights activist and granddaughter of the late South African President Nelson Mandela: “The Iranian people are in need of peace, justice, and political prosperity. The people of Iran reject tyranny and demand freedom.

The people of Iran have turned to the international community to boycott the regime. The NCRI led by Maryam Rajavi is the Iranian people’s opposition to the current regime.”

Theresa Payton, White House Chief Information Officer for President George W. Bush said: “Iran’s goal is to drive positive news about its current regime and manipulate its own people to ensure undying support for its political interests. The regime bans social media, but its officials have access to them.

“The Iranian regime is engaged in creating fake accounts on Twitter and other social media outlets to spread misinformation against the Iranian opposition, namely the MEK. Iran’s regime hides behind cyber operatives and fake personas.”

Belgian Senator Else Ampe said: “The Iranian government’s violence is condemned by the UN and Amnesty International. I demand the immediate release of all protesters detained in justified protests. The people of Iran can’t even speak their minds.”

Norwegian MP Geir Sigbjorn Toskedal, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee: “I want to emphasize that the Iranian population is among the youngest populations in the world with more than 40% born after the 1979 revolution. They were born and raised under the current dictatorship but on every occasion, they have shown their desire for freedom and democratic values that we cherish in the West.”

Neda Amani, a women’s football team coach in Switzerland: “We Iranian youth despise appeasement and appeasers who stand with the Iranian regime and don’t recognize our people’s rights.

“We will stand against the appeasement policy and will not allow any government to support the tyrannical goals of the regime. We will overthrow this regime.

“Whether the regime and its appeasers like it or not, the voice of our people is echoed by Iranian Resistance Units.”

Amir Seifi from the Iranian community of Ireland said: “The regime tried to dissolve us into its system through repression and brainwashing. But many of us chose resistance and rebellion. And every day, our ranks are growing.

“In 2017, Iran’s students targeted by the regime’s reformism propaganda chanted, “Reformists, principalists, the game is over. In recent years, the brave Resistance Units have been growing. These are the new liberation army of the people of Iran.”

Italian Senator Roberto Rampi: “We in the West have the obligation to support the call of Maryam Rajavi to send a delegation to investigate the situation in Iran’s prisons. We know that this regime is a terrorist regime. Assadi’s case is just one instance that shows Iran is a government that finances terrorism. We can’t tolerate this regime.”

San Marino MP Marica Montemaggi said: “The Iranian people want to get rid of the theocratic regime and want true democracy. The government keeps investing in projects that have nothing to do with the health and safety of the people despite the pandemic.

“Iran has thousands of people who have been imprisoned and are suffering torture. We can’t remain silent on this. We must support the NCRI, which is working for peace and peaceful coexistence with the international community.”

Hasti Hesami, Medical Dosimetrist representing the Iranian American Community of North Texas said: “There is a will to stand up in Iran. This is the kind of will we see in Ashraf, where the regime tried to bring an end to the MEK through brutal attacks. But the MEK members resisted Ashraf and defeated the regime. We see the same kind of spirit in the youth of Iran, who are resisting the regime.

“This shows how much the regime fears the power of the youth. They are the ones who are constituting the Resistance Units.”

Hoda Imad, central board member of AUF deputy leader and education policy spokesperson in Viken AP: “The Iranian people demand basic human rights to express themselves without fear of persecution. That should not be too much to ask for. Iran’s youth should not be in jail and not know if they will survive the next day.

“It’s time for all of us to raise our voice in solidarity with the people of Iran. No one is free until everyone is free. The demands and dreams for freedom and justice of the people of Iran will win. We share your dreams and stand with you in your fight for democracy.”

Pegah Jahanmiri of the Iranian youths in Germany said: “We will never forget those who laid their lives for freedom. We support the protesters and the Resistance Units. The regime knows that while there are brave youths in Shiraz and other cities in Iran, it has no future. We will not stop calling for freedom. Resistance Units are symbols of freedom and the MEK’s fight for freedom. I am proud to say I am a supporter of the MEK.”

Arezu Eshraghi, Director of the Iranian Women Association in the UK said: “I was in Iran during the 1999 student uprising of Iran. Former Iranian regime president Mohammad Khatami, supposedly a moderate president, repressed the protests. Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, the current speaker of the regime’s Majlis (parliament), was proud of taking part in the crackdown of the protests.”

Aidin Saidian, from the Iranian Youths Association in the United States, said: “The key message of the November 2019 uprising was that the Iranian regime is on the verge of being overthrown. It is a backward regime. The regime spends millions of dollars to whitewash their crimes and to push the narrative that they are the only option. But the uprising showed how much the people reject the regime. The slogans of the November 2019 protests also showed that the people don’t want any despots, whether it is the mullahs or the shah.”

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