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London, 21 Sep – The President-Elect of the Iranian Resistance has delivered a message to the Iranian demonstrators outside the UN General Assembly (UNGA) in New York.

Maryam Rajavi addressed the supporters who are demonstrating against Rouhani’s attendance at the UNGA.

She said: “So long as the U.S. admits on its soil the leaders of a regime which it calls the “central banker of terrorism,” and so long as the U.N. receives them at the General Assembly instead of arranging for their international prosecution for committing crimes against humanity, this is tantamount to their standing up to the desire of the Iranian people for freedom and democracy…Rouhani does not represent the Iranian nation; he represents the most vicious enemy of the people of Iran.”

Rouhani, a so-called moderate, has seen 3,000 people executed within his three-year tenure. The Iranian Regime has executed 120,000 political prisoners; 30,000 of whom in the 1988 massacre.

Rajavi said: “Today, the movement to obtain justice for the victims of the 1988 massacre is spreading. The highest officials of the regime have publicly defended the carnage. Rouhani’s Justice Minister declared that he was proud of the massacre. Such admissions which constitute irrefutable evidence of their complicity in a crime against humanity, double the United Nations responsibility in prosecuting the leaders of the clerical regime.”

She points out that Rouhani’s regime is continually involved with the proliferation and testing of ballistic missiles by violating UN Security Council resolutions and funding terrorism in general.

Rajavi said: “We emphasize that any party that is truly seeking to contain war, terrorism and instability in the Middle East, it must evict the Iranian regime from the entire region as the first step. The emergence of Daesh was the outcome of suppression of the peoples of Iraq and Syria by the clerical regime and its puppets. There will be no conceivable end to the crises in the region without driving out the IRGC from Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon.”

She assesses that the policy of appeasement towards the regime by the international community has done more harm than good.

She said: “I urge the international community, particularly the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly to investigate the crimes of the Iranian regime, particularly the massacre in 1988, and bring to justice the perpetrators of this great crime against humanity. This is the most serious yardstick of respect for human rights in contemporary history.”


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