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Use economic muscle for regime change in Iraq


ImageThe Herald: The news that an international terrorist wanted by Interpol has become Iran's new defence minister is the final proof, if any is needed, of that country's descent to pariah status. The Herald

ImageThe news that an international terrorist wanted by Interpol has become Iran's new defence minister is the final proof, if any is needed, of that country's descent to pariah status. Not a single parliamentary voice was raised in protest as General Ahmad Vahidi, wanted for the massacre of 85 people murdered in a terrorist bombing of a Jewish Centre in Argentina in 1994, was nominated for the post.

This latest outrage by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his lackeys comes hot on the heels of his bogus election and the ruthless crushing of protests that followed. Iran's tyrannical rulers endorse public hangings, flogging, eye-gouging, stoning to death and the torture and execution of minors under their corrupted version of Sharia law.

Ahmadinejad has several times stated that he wishes to see Israel "wiped off the map" and he is speeding ahead with the development of a nuclear weapons system that will allow him to carry out his threat.

Meanwhile the West continues, pathetically, to pursue a policy of appeasement towards Iran, desperate to avoid doing anything that might disrupt lucrative contracts for EU companies. Greed has once again prevailed.

While it would be catastrophic to see any military incursion into Iran, the West cannot simply twiddle its thumbs while murderers are given ministerial appointments and Iran's nuclear programme continues apace.

We must support the Iranian people who are clamouring for liberty and democracy. We must call for tough sanctions against Iran. Cut off their supply of refined petroleum. Withdraw, temporarily, our ambassadors in protest.

The EU and America should use its economic muscle to isolate Iran until we achieve regime change. Only then will the world become a safer place.

Struan Stevenson MEP, Conservative Euro MP for Scotland, President of the Friends of a Free Iran Intergroup in the European Parliament, Brussels.

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