OpinionIran in the World PressAttacking refugees in Camp Ashraf a crime against humanity

Attacking refugees in Camp Ashraf a crime against humanity


Scoop: European Parliament Vice President: Attacking defenceless refugees in Camp Ashraf by Iraqi forces is a crime against humanity. Catherine Ashton must resign and Martin Kobler held responsible for his collaboration with criminal regimes.


Opinion: International Committee of In Search of Justice

European Parliament VICE PRESIDENT: Attacking defenceless refugees in Camp Ashraf by Iraqi forces is a crime against humanity

Catherine Ashton must resign and Martin Kobler held responsible for his collaboration with criminal regimes

We strongly condemn the brutal attack by Iraqi military this morning against the defenceless residents of Camp Ashraf. This is a crime against humanity carried out by the orders of Prime Minister Maliki at behest of the Iranian regime.

We have received reports that Iran’s commander of terrorist Quds force had ordered Maliki on 27 August to launch this attack.

The death toll of on-going massacre at Camp Ashraf reaches 52. I had personally met many of them when I led a delegation from the European Parliament to Ashraf in October 2008.

At least five of the residents were fired at in close range while they had been arrested and handcuffed. There are reports of wounded residents being executed in the camp’s clinic.

Many injured residents are in critical condition and have been taken hostage by Iraqi forces.

There were less than 100 PMOI members left in Ashraf to look over their properties. Now over half of them have been murdered today so far. Over 3100 of Ashraf residents have been forcibly moved to a prison called “Liberty” near Baghdad airport.

We have been sending countless letters to US President, UN Secretary General and the EU High Representative Baroness Ashton to provide security for residents of camps Ashraf and Liberty and to prevent more atrocities by Iraqi government but nothing has been done.

In spite of our continuous efforts and warnings the High Representative Catherine Ashton has been incapable to act. She is also responsible for this crime because of her incompetence and her lack of sensitivity when human rights are violated. If she had a minimal decency she should resign immediately.

The disgraceful record of the former UN Envoy in Iraq, Martin Kobler, who was in charge of the Ashraf-Liberty project till July and collaborated very closely with the regimes of Iran and Iraq, is indeed a dark stain on the reputation of the UN. His Deputy and chief of human rights office Tahar Boumedra testified before the US congress and European Parliament how Kobler manipulated reports and mislead the international community and the UN Secretary General on the conditions on the ground which paved the way for today’s massacre. Martin Kobler must be held responsible for his collaboration with criminal regimes. Officials like Kobler dishonour the diplomatic community and should have never been given the responsibility to protect.

We call on President Obama and Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and the EU to immediately intervene to prevent more killings. They must immediately send their envoys to visit the camp, the dead bodies and the wounded and mobilise troops to protect Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty. Silence and inaction at this point will only be taken as green light for further bloodshed.

Alejo Vidal-Quadras
Vice-President of the European Parliament
President of International Committee In Search of Justice (ISJ)
ISJ enjoys the support of over 4,000 parliamentarians throughout the world

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