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A Prominent European Pooliticiian: Obama’s Middle East Legacy Is ‘Death and Destruction’


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London, 7 Jan – According to Struan Stevenson, a prominent European pooliticiian, President Obama’s middle-east legacy will be one of death and destruction, mainly because of his ill-fated Iran deal.

Stevenson wrote an op-ed on UPI, noting that Obama had realised too late that the Iran nuclear accord threatened middle-east security and undermined American interests.

Even those who tried to halt Iran’s expansionist policy, like Saudi Arabia and Turkey, encountered road blocks from the deal.

The money released by the nuclear deal (and the hostage payments made by the US to Iran) has not benefited the Iranian people but allowed the Regime to destablaise the middle east:

– Funding terrorist cells like Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen

– Giving military support to the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad

– Funding the brutal and vicious Iranian Revoulutiony Guards Corps (IRGC)

The Iranian Regime has continually failed to stick to its side of the nuclear deal. It has:

– Tested ballistic missiles (defying UN Security Council Resolutions); the missilies were maked with the threat “Israel must be wiped out”

– Received weapons shipments from Russia

– Produced elements needed to create nuclear weapons

Obama made this deal to appeal to the moderates within the Iranian Regime, but he was wrong, there are no moderates in the Regime. Moderates do not:

– Execute 3,000 people in three years (and carry out mass hangings in public)

– Interfere in the affairs of other sovereign states

– Allow terrorist cells like ISIS to grow in their own backyard

– Ethnically cleanse their country

The Iranian Regime of today, is no more moderate than the Iranian Regime of 1988 which slaughtered 30,000 political prisoners in just a few months.

Indeed, as many as 60 current figureheads in Iran were directly involved in this crime against humanity. They have never faced justice.

This is unsurprising as the current Justice minister, Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi, is one of them. When this was revealed, he refused to even fake repentance, claiming that he is proud of the massacre he helped to orchestrate.

Stevenson wrote: “President-elect Donald Trump will have the unenviable task of trying to sort out Obama’s Middle East mess. There are many people on his team who believe that Iran is the main source of conflict in the Middle East and as such, poses a greater threat to the West than North Korea or even Russia. It will be interesting to see if Trump can slam the lid back down on the mullahs’ Pandora’s box before the Iranian malignancy is allowed to metastasize.”

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