Iran TerrorismIran Is Not A "Victim" of Terrorism

Iran Is Not A “Victim” of Terrorism


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London, 9 Jun – The terror attacks in Iran earlier this week have been largely criticised throughout the world, but the Iranian Regime cannot pretend that it is a “victim” of terrorism, according to a political analyst and expert.

Paulo Casaca, founder and executive director of the Brussels-based South Asia Democratic Forum (SADF), told DW in an interview on Thursday, June 8, that the Iranian Regime, who are the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world, should expect to effectively reap what they sow.

Casaca, who was a Portuguese member of the European Parliament from 1999 to 2009, said: “Iran has a long tradition of supporting terrorist groups not necessarily aligned with the Shiite sect of Islam, for instance Al Qaeda, Hamas or the Taliban. Still, as it happens with other states that support jihadi groups, Iran cannot stop its own creations from turning against it.”

The attacks, on the Iranian Parliament and at a shrine to the former Supreme Leader, were apparently committed by Iranian citizens on behalf of the so-called Islamic State.

The Iranian Regime is attempting to downplay the attacks which Casaca attributes to trying to distract their citizens from Regime terrorism.
Casaca said: “Regardless of the operational details of the IS attack, it is clear that Tehran is involved in a major propaganda campaign to spread confusion and portray itself as a victim of terrorism.”

Casaca praised Donald Trump who, earlier this week, condemned the attacks while still cruising the Regime for its support of terrorism. Casaca also praised Trump’s alliance with the Saudis against Iran.

He said: “Donald Trump is the first US president since – and including – Jimmy Carter who has the courage to break with the policy of appeasement toward Tehran. Iranian authorities are very concerned by the formation of an anti-jihadi alliance in the Middle East.”

He also dismissed the idea that the so-called Islamic State would recruit more fighters from places like Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan to carry out more attacks; instead he highlighted that Iran was more likely to recruit from those countries and train them as terrorists.

Casaca said: “I think there are enough potential recruits in Iran that this will not be necessary. On the contrary, the Iranian recruitment of Shiite jihadis from countries like Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan has been crucial in its war efforts in Syria…The Iranian recruiting of fighters in countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan will certainly exacerbate the [Saudi-Iran rivalry].”

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