Iran TerrorismUS, Saudi Arabia, and UAE Set to Tackle Iran...

US, Saudi Arabia, and UAE Set to Tackle Iran Aggression


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London, 28 Mar – Iranian expansionism and aggression were the main topics of discussion during a meeting between the National Security Advisers of the US, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates at the White House on Monday.

The three diplomats were discussing how to counter Iran’s “malign influence and provocative behaviour”, according to a statement from the White House, something which is of strategic importance to all three countries.

The statement read: “Senior officials from the Department of State, the Department of Defense, the Department of the Treasury, and the intelligence community participated in the meeting. The leaders agreed to meet trilaterally on a regular basis to develop and implement joint frameworks to mitigate threats to regional security and to bring greater peace, stability, and prosperity to the Middle East.”

The three also held discussions about the war on terror and agreed on several joint measures that would counter terrorist groups, according to unnamed sources for the White House.

During one meeting, the National Security Adviser of Afghanistan met with his three counterparts to discuss a partnership with Afghanistan to support the Afghan government and agree on conditions for an enduring peace settlement.

Saudi Crown Prince

One official from the Donald Trump Administration said that this announcement about the forming of a tripartite committee came at the same time as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ’s visit to the US.

Last week, Prince Mohammed met with Trump to discuss the situation in Yemen, where Iran is supporting the Houthi terrorists who took over the capital Sanaa in 2015, and agreed that finding a political solution to the crisis was best. Prince Mohammed also urged Trump to get tough on Iran.

The White House said: “On Yemen, the president and the crown prince discussed the threat the Houthis pose to the region, assisted by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. The leaders discussed additional steps to address the humanitarian situation and agreed that a political resolution to the conflict is ultimately necessary to meet the needs of the Yemeni people.”

Saudi Arabia is leading an Arab Coalition to restore the legitimate government and in response the Houthi militia has been firing Iranian-made ballistic missiles at the Kingdom. Just last weekend, the Houthis sent seven missiles, which killed one and injured two.

Meanwhile, the US Senate rejected a bill to withdraw US intelligence and reconnaissance support from the Yemeni Civil War, a move that would have reduced US support for the Arab Coalition if passed.

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