Iran TerrorismIran Admits to Protecting Al-Qaeda Terrorists

Iran Admits to Protecting Al-Qaeda Terrorists


Mohammad-Javad Larijani – the Secretary of the Iranian judiciary’s High Council for Human Rights

Iran Focus

London, 12 Jun – Although Iran has never outright admitted that it protected and harboured al-Qaeda terrorists, there have been suspicions and accusations for many years. Until now that is, when a top official and prominent member of the Iranian government – Mohammad-Javad Larijani – the Secretary of the Iranian judiciary’s High Council for Human Rights, admitted it in an interview.

In the interview that has just recently come to light, Larijani said that the Iranian intelligence service was fully aware and in control of al-Qaeda’s presence in the country.

This confirms one of the accusations that had been brought up in the 9/11 Commission Report that was complied by the government of the United States after the attack. The report named Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Speaking about how Iran was involved, and the extent of its participation, Larijani explained that the government let al-Qaeda terrorists enter the Islamic Republic without officially documenting it. It deliberately failed to stamp the passports of al-Qaeda operators when they were passing through the county on visits between Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. This let the al-Qaeda terrorists avoid prosecution from Saudi Arabia.

Alarmingly, one of the pilots involved in the 9/11 attacks in the United States evaded detection thanks to Iran’s behaviour.

The admission was aired a few weeks ago on state television in Iran.

Earlier this year, Iran was ordered to pay $6 billion following a court ruling. It said that Iran was to pay the sum to the families of those that lost their life in the 9/11 attack and for its role in helping the al-Qaeda terrorists that carried out the incident.

Iran is involved with many terrorist and proxy groups the whole way across the Middle East. It funds, supports, trains, arms and recruits manpower for some of the most evil groups that exist. Iran’s spread of terror across the region is facilitated by thousands of fighters.

Iran has been left to spread its chaos without too much being said by the international community. However, this may change with the Trump administration in place. The US President has strongly criticised the Obama administration’s treatment of Iran – or rather, its lack of treatment. Obama turned a blind eye to most of Iran’s belligerence and he even failed to maintain his own red lines.

It has now come to light that the Obama administration has secretly helped Iran by converting a massive amount of assets. And then it lied about it.

In order for the Iran threat to be curbed, it is essential that the international community takes action.

Every year, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) invites dozens of foreign officials, dignitaries, human rights activists and political figures to speak at its large gathering in Paris, France. They are joined by tens of thousands of Iranians from all over the world.

The main opposition to the Iranian regime has been supporting the people of Iran for decades and it has been the driving force behind many of the positive developments such as the release of Iranian refugees from Camp Liberty / Ashraf in Iraq. It, for years, has been calling on the international community to urgently take action.

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