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Report on the Status of the Coronavirus in Iran From Different Perspectives by the People


Iran coronavirus outbreak

By Jubin Katiraie

The following few examples show the inaction of the Iranian regime and its failure to control the outbreak of the coronavirus which is leading to a national disaster.

Instead of preventing the outbreak and helping the infected people, the regime is trying to hide the dimension of the catastrophe, hiding the real number of those infected and the lives lost because of the virus.

Iran’s regime is known for lying and hiding the truth, like in the case of the downing of a Ukrainian passenger airplane by the Revolutionary IRGC air defense on 8 January.

Corona in Andimeshk – A report by a resident on the situation of Andimeshk’s people

“Unfortunately, Corona also reached our city, though it has not been known how many days it has come and how many people are in quarantine. One person died and was buried quietly outside the city,” said a citizen from Andimeshk on Wednesday, 26 February.

“Luckily, of course, this has led people to hate the regime more, and chaos had happened, and many people do not come out of their homes.

“Preventive hygiene items such as masks and gloves are scarce today and, in some places not reachable. The nation is preparing for mass protests and waiting for a spark. They cannot tolerate this situation anymore.

“In short, people have had it with this regime, and these days they will come to the streets; all it takes is a spark to light from somewhere.”

Medical staff from the Yaft Abad hospital on the coronavirus situation: 17 people died just in one day

Tuesday, 25 February – “Unfortunately, as doctors’ conversations are all controlled these days, stress is an important factor in the development of coronavirus. But what I see is a very, very, very catastrophic situation, that is published by the news, by God our hands are trembling, today even my voice was trembling when I spoke with my friends. Yesterday we had only 17 deaths from morning to evening when we were forced to be in Yaft Abad Hospital. I mean, in the hours I was in this hospital, 17 people died.

“How is it possible that these (regime), at the nights’ news reports are reporting (the death rate in) the entire country, just eight people? As Dr. Tabarsi, the great infectious disease professor, said, mortality in Iran is above 50-60% and a terrible catastrophe is happening. I don’t know when they will announce this to the people.

“Yesterday master Tabarsi gathered all the residents and interns of the Masih Daneshvari Hospital and told anyone who wants to leave the hospital, leave, leave now and go because if you stay for the weekend, you must stay for up two months and everyone will be quarantined and cannot leave anymore, and while the death rate is so high, he has said, “that I think everyone can take his life and leave as I was briefed”.

“I just want you to know that the situation is far, far more catastrophic than they are saying. People who had no contact come and say, I swear I didn’t go out from home. And for example, it went just a little to the hairdresser and is now involved (with the virus).

“Unfortunately, it’s been two days since I got to see any of my friends, they are involved that their test is positive, and their families are breaking up. The family situation is terrible, and everyone is depressed and upset, and now I’m not much focused to speak well. We were involved all night until morning, but I beg you, for God’s sake, if it is not necessary do not go out, even go to buy food, so don’t even let your kids go out.”

In Rasht situation is catastrophic

Senior medical student says the situation is catastrophic in Rasht’s hospitals:

 “Here in Rasht, the Razi Hospital is becoming the main hospital for the coronavirus cases, many corona infected patients are hospitalized, they are lying that there is not.

“We senior medical students without gloves, without masks, they send us in the middle of the sick people, we protested, to give us equipment and that just a few people should stay for the shift, but they threatened us with expulsion from the medical center.

“We don’t have any coronavirus diagnosis kit here, no equipment. The first encounter with the sick, the examination, the treatment, everything is with us, they say if there have been any masks, we give it the nurses first!!! We are carrying the virus to our families!!!

“All the hospital’s professors are staying at home and didn’t come to the hospital; Rasht has a very, very bad situation.”

If we don’t the quarantine this virus, it will go on like a tsunami

Dr. Hashem Rafii Tabar, a faculty member of the Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, said in an interview with ISNA: “We are in a situation where we have to quarantine the big cities, otherwise this virus will spread like a tsunami.”

In part of his speech, he went on to point to the inaction of the regime’s government and said, “The authorities should benefit from consultations with scholars in the field of planning and policymaking and remove the issue from political, factional and group games.

“Disregard for serious principles of health and prevention leads to a national catastrophe; the role of the Ministry of Health in these circumstances is not just advice.

“The government should close all assembly centers, including schools, universities, mosques, stadiums, clubs, sacred places, and cinemas until further notice.”

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