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If the Iran Regime Be Toppled, There Is Hope for Peace in Iran, the Middle East and the World


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London, 11 Dec – Political scientist Dr. Majid Rafizadeh has written an op-ed positing the idea of Iran without the Regime.

He highlights the recent Student Day protests in which students across Iran protested human rights abuses and the imprisonment of political prisoners.

The majority of Iranians, some 60% of the population, are under the age of 30 and have never lived under anything but the mullah’s Regime; they are highly educated, believe in a secular, democratic government and are disaffected with the barbaric regime they live under. So, if the mullahs are overthrown and replaced with a democratic government, what will Iran look like and where will it stand on the world stage?
Well to find that out, we need to know where Iran stands currently.

Rafizadeh wrote: “When it comes to its policies towards other Arab nations and the Muslim world, Iran follows six major pillars: Sectarian (Sunni versus Shiite), ethnic (Arab versus Persian), revolutionary (exportation of Shiite Islam), including economic, strategic and geopolitical parameters.”

He states that if the Iranian mullahs were not in control of the government, the religious and the revolutionary pillars would fall and middle-eastern relations would improve.

He wrote: “When sectarianism and revolutionary principles are taken out of the foreign policy equation, tensions between Tehran and other Arab and Muslim countries will significantly diminish. Regional conflicts and internal wars in several countries such as Syria and Iraq where Iran plays a critical role in directing and influencing the war- will more likely subside dramatically.”

It would also improve global relations between Iran and the USA, and the EU, potentially because the Iranian mullahs call America, “the Great Satan” and oppose them politically.

Rafizadeh wrote: “Iran has one of the most pro-American and Westernized societies in the region, as well as a technologically savvy population that values advanced nations- Iran and the US will most likely build one of the staunchest geopolitical, economic, and strategic alliances in the region.”

The Iranian Regime is a powerful ally for Syria and Russia, but when the mullahs fall, they will take Assad and Putin with them.

Rafizadeh wrote: “An Assad without Iran’s military, economic and intelligence support, would more likely mean a change in Syria’s political system, which would most likely strip Russia of its sole Mediterranean base in Latakia, Syria. In other words, Russia will lose a considerable amount of influence in the Middle East.”

If the Iranian Regime can be toppled by the millennial generation and the Iranian Resistance, there is hope for peace in Iran, in the middle east and in the world.

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