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Demonstration in Paris Unites the Syrian OppositionWith the Iranian Resistance


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London, 19 Dec – On Saturday, December 17 a rally was held in front of the Iranian regime’s embassy at the invitation of the “Syrian Revolution Coordination” in Paris. Hundreds of Syrian people as well as members and supporters of the Iranian Resistance participated in the protest of the crimes against humanity which have been committed against innocent civilians of Aleppo.

This demonstration condemned Bashar Assad, Iran regime’s forces and mercenaries, and the attempts of the Iranian Guard to block the evacuation of civilians and militants from East Aleppo,

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) reported that the protesters waved the flags of the Syrian revolution and the flags of the Iranian resistance. They chanted slogans against Khamenei and Bashar al-Assad like, “ Down with Bashar Assad” and “Down with Khamenei” followed by, “Khamenei and Assad and Qassem Soleimani are the butchers of Syrian people are war criminals and must be submitted to justice”. There were shouts of, “Long live the Syrian revolution, long live the Free Syrian Army”, and “Expel the mullahs guards and militia mercenaries from Syria”.

The protesters carried banners such as, “Maryam Rajavi: Aleppo is the icon of suffering and steadfastness in the world, Aleppo will not kneel and will rise again, free, tall and full of pride!” and “Maryam Rajavi: Aleppo is the icon of steadfastness and eternal flame of resistance and a source of inspiration for all freedom loving people!”, along with, “Assad and Khamenei have committed the greatest crimes against humanity in the 21st century in Aleppo and must stand trial!” and, “Aleppo is the heart of the eternal resistance and will rise from the ruins and will be the herald of the demise of the mullahs all over the region!” and, “Maryam Rajavi: We consider ourselves children of Aleppo, one of the landmarks of world civilization marked with blood!”

Syrian, Iranian and french figures spoke at the rally. Mr. Ahmed Drickznla General Coordinator of the Syrian community in Paris, talked about the unity of the Syrian and Iranian people and their resistance of the two ruling dictatorships of the respective countries.

One of Syrian opposition figures, Mr. Wan Mahmood Ghobash, spoke about the the struggle of the Syrian people to topple the regime of Bashar Assad.

Representative of the United Federation of French trade unions announced their solidarity with the the Syrian people for freedom and democracy.

Ms. Helen Fathpour, Ms. Neda Zanjani and Mr. Afshin Alavi, members of the Iranian Resistance and the PMOI, expressed their solidarity with the Syrian people. Mrs. Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance announced at he rally that all the members of the Iranian Resistance, consider themselves as wounded residents of Aleppo.

This rally was covered by many international and Arab TV channels and media outlets.

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