Iran General News‘Tribal Managers’ a New Challenge for Iran’s Regime

‘Tribal Managers’ a New Challenge for Iran’s Regime


The term “tribal managers” is a new expression that the Iranian regime’s economic experts are using for the government’s managers and officials. This group of managers, who are unqualified and uneducated in the fields of their responsibilities, suffer from the absence of any strategic plan to govern the country.

Nepotism has become a frequent occurrence in the regime’s political affairs, and qualified managers are being marginalized. Naturally, a president like Ebrahim Raisi, who lacks any formal education, is unwilling to choose qualified managers and ministers to run the country’s economy and improve the people’s living conditions. His task and that of his government over the past couple of years have demonstrated that the government lacks a proper and qualified administration.

In a report which has exposed the reality of Raisi and his government, showing just how appalling the situation of the regime’s government is, the state-run daily Ebtekar wrote, “Of course, in his economic promises, the president emphasizes things like building one million houses, creating one million jobs, and reducing the inflation to single digit in one year. This seems a bit exaggerated, assuming the acceptance of the possibility of achieving the above goals in the allotted time, it must be acknowledged that its implementation requires a plan and, more importantly, the management of affairs by skilled and knowledgeable executives. In the most optimistic case, it should be said that some members of Raisi’s cabinet do not have such qualifications.”

During the presidential election, Raisi launched a system called “the Government managers introduction system.” The idea was merely a publicity stunt to attract votes, a demagogic ploy to convince society’s technocrats not to confront the regime’s so-called principlist faction.

Discussing this manager introduction system, Ebtekar wrote, “We must cry for the country’s management system, whose head of state is so empty-handed in identifying competent managers that he has resorted to such an inefficient tool. Is he not in charge of recruiting, training, and educating creative managers in the country? To elect top executive directors, should the head of state action in a manner like a job advertisement?”

The paper also asked, “Finally, assuming that a competent manager has been introduced, which manager who has passed the qualification test will be able to identify the competent person?”

This is a fair question and not far from reality. So far, many of the appointed managers are the most corrupt individuals in the country, and naturally, they will employ people like themselves.

The Ebtekar daily introduced the people chosen for the country’s administration as “traditional managers” and warned the government, “the continuation and non-transition from traditional management to scientific management in the not-too-distant future will ground the country and trap it in a vicious circle.”

What we have witnessed in four decades of the regime’s medieval system is that none of the regime’s decisions are logically based, so, therefore, they are not capable of solving any of the country’s problems.

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