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Iran Revolution, the Walls Are Speaking


One of the signs of a revolution is when its culture finds its way into the public. This change in culture is now evident and palpable in any corner of the country. People’s behavior is changing. It is defining a new ideal. The people are not mourning those killed by the regime, instead, they are celebrating and cherishing them as the heroes of the nation.

Their voices have been louder to gain any human’s universal natural rights. They have decided to create a revolutionary political and constitutional order, which will deny any form of dictatorship in the future. This is visible in one of the main slogans of the protests, “Death to the oppressor, be it the shah or the [supreme] leader”.

The revolutionaries now occupy any classroom, Bazar, or street. And no one is anymore deceived by the regime’s seditions and scale of war. At least the last three months have shown that the people will not step back, and anyone who is cooperating with the regime is being identified as a betrayer of the revolution.

This has become the longest war against tyranny in Iran’s history, with more than a hundred thousand lives sacrificed. It has mobilized an extraordinary number of Iranians. It had a dramatic effect on the lives of women. Many of them have participated in the revolution, lost their lives, and are now at the forefront of protests.

Ensieh Khazali, the regime’s vice president for women and family affairs, recently admitted that ten percent of those who have been arrested are women.

And to understand how deeply the revolution has changed people’s lives, we should have a look at the walls of the cities. Slogans and murals are speaking. They are reflecting the scale of the war in every part of the country and how in such a short time the people’s lives are transformed.

In fear of these scripts on the walls, the regime has mobilized its power to wipe them as soon as possible to prevent the expansion of the revolution. Those who write the slogans, sometimes beside the main slogan write: “If you wipe it, I’ll write again.”

This sentence is reminiscent of the famous sentence that adorned the walls of the city during the anti-monarchy revolution: “Shame cannot be erased with paint.”

The culture of writing slogans on the walls has spread so much that the state-run daily Fararu on December 5, wrote: “These days, the slogans written on the walls, are not only the result of a deviation or excitement but are reflecting the current state of the country. And the current situation is not good, and no one can claim that the situation is normal.

“These days, the country is going through a relatively difficult situation, because of which all affairs and fields have become politicized. A dangerous bipolarity has cast a shadow on the society, which has engulfed the economy, sports, culture, or more precisely, the daily life of Iranians.

“Nothing is normal these days, Even the walls! The walls of this city are full of unusual murals. Someone has written a slogan on it, and someone has distorted it. Chaos rules on the walls of this city; Like what is going on in society.

“The chaotic walls of this city are more than a simple image. In fact, these walls are the identity of a part of the citizens of this city that, rightly or wrongly, is protesting.”

The 137 system of Tehran Municipality recently reported that the request to erase the wall of writings has increased by six thousand percent. The walls are speaking of the end of the regime and the people are establishing a modern great republic, founded on liberty, equality, natural and civil rights, and the privileges, and obligations, of citizenship under the rule of law.

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