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Khamenei’s Disgraceful Campaign Against Piranshahr and Javanrud, Who Will Be the Loser?


On the 67th day of Iran’s revolution, the Iranian regime attempted to put a halt to the protests in the country by using massive force against two popular centers for the protests, the cities of Piranshahr and Javanrud.

This pitiful battle against the people happened after the nationwide call for the commemoration of the protests that took place in November 2019. The uprising shook the ground beneath the feet of the mullahs’ regime, and they were unable to cope with the force of the people.

The day before, the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei said in his speech that they have decided to put an end to the protests. The regime dispatched fully armed Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) forces from its Hamzeh base, who were then ordered to use live ammunition and suppress the protests at any cost.

This bold reaction has shown that the regime is stuck in a deadly impasse. Regardless of whether protests are allowed to go on or whether they are crushed by security forces, the protests will only get bigger and more powerful.

The Friday prayer leader of Tehran, Ahmad Khatami showed the regime’s critical situation in a panicked speech. Any wrong decision made will have unexpected and dangerous consequences for the regime, which is already happening slowly. Many of the regime’s media outlets are currently writing about the arming of the people.

Khatami said, “Some are suggesting that we should not speak about the rioters to prevent any provocation which will make them more aggressive.”

He used the term ‘powerless government’ in his speech, which is noteworthy. “A powerless government cannot establish security. The rioters have targeted the authority of this system. The police force, Basij, Revolutionary Guards, and Army are signs of authority, but they kill these beloved ones with complete insolence.”

Khamenei’s armed raid against Piranshahr and Javanrud should be considered one of the regime’s last bullets against the protesting people. It should be deemed that any armored vehicle and chopper will be an easy target for the people to attack in response to the repressive measures.

In an ironic manner, the regime has tried to portray its weakness as ‘appeasement with the rioters’. Ali Favadi, the deputy commander of the IRGC said, “They have been bringing their followers to the fields for more than 60 days. Domestic, we are facing deceived people, so we appeased.”

Mohammad Ali Jafari, the former head of the IRGC, said, “Recent events are very sad. A new field has been provided for the martyrdom of lovers of sacrifice and martyrdom. The government should not treat these people with appeasement anymore.”

He went on to reveal the wide desperation among the regime’s forces, adding, “Creating doubt, uncertainty, planting seeds of despair, bipolarization, creating fear and the feeling of loneliness among the forces of the Revolutionary Front, etc., are the techniques of the enemy.”

While the regime is counting its last breaths, Khamenei currently has no other solution than to choose the same wrong path as the Shah did, before being forced to leave the country.

These indiscretions will further expose the repressive forces, especially the Revolutionary Guards, to the stormy anger of the people, which will further deepen and expand the democratic revolution of the Iranian people. Time is against the regime and the people have promised that ‘fire will be reciprocated with fire’.

Videos circulating on social media show that the Iranian people are increasing their attacks on the regime’s symbols, as well as their repressive and propaganda bases. The regime is watching almost helplessly as its reign is being destroyed at the hands of a furious society.

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