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Iran’s Revolution From September to December, the Journey and Its Achievements


Iranian society is currently facing a social upheaval. There is a fundamental change, or a revolution, ahead with significant signs reflecting this change. Society has decided to deny the country’s past political balance and is adamant about confronting the regime despite all the threats made to them.

After nearly four months since the beginning of the protests, we should analyze the journey that the Iranian people and their revolution has taken and count their achievements.

  1. The first and most significant achievement has been gained by women. Their fight against tyrannical gender apartheid has entered the country’s political field.

In Iran’s history, we have never witnessed such a public presence of women in the battle against the regime, until now.

They are the vanguards of the revolution, are leading the protests, and have expressed significant courage. They have become a nightmare for the regime, leaving the mullahs little space to rebuild their unbearable acts of repression against them.

  1. The demand for freedom, equality, and democracy has successfully passed its test. It has stabilized and its message has been conveyed to the world. Slogans such as, “death to the dictator”, “IRGC, Basij, you’re the ISIS”, “death to the oppressor be it the shah or the (supreme) leader”, “death to the tyranny”, “forty years of crime, death to the (supreme) leader” are reflecting this demand.

The most important part of this fight is the people actively turning against the regime’s supreme leader, who is the main barrier between the people and their freedom. The frequent chants of, “Khamenei, we’ll pull you down”, “this is the year where Khamenei will be overthrown, and “this is the last year, the target is the fall of the leader,” have broken this taboo.

  1. During this period of protests and demonstrations, the people have drawn a political line with the regime so that everyone must determine his/her stance and position in the battle against the regime.
  2. It has become clear that the only real solution for anyone who stands by the desire to overthrow the regime is to use the universal right of self-defence. The regime has closed all the doors to any legal and logical solution for the opposition since June 20, 1981, when they opened fire at a peaceful demonstration of more than half a million people in the capital.
  3. The regime’s propaganda regarding the country’s minorities, such as accusing them of being separatists, has become ineffective. In their slogans, the Iranian Kurdish and Baluch citizens have shown their solidarity and union with the entire nation.
  4. A new generation of political prisoners, and people who are ready to sacrifice themselves for the country’s freedom, have entered the scene. Many of these people have ultimately lost their lives on the streets and in the regime’s dungeons under torture during their fights to stand up for their fellow citizens and help create a better future for the next generations.

This has created extensive social, and international consequences for the regime and has expanded the pressures on it by human rights organizations, the UN, and other democratic countries.

After 4 long months of fighting against the regime, the people of Iran are lacking nothing to determine their blessed destiny. ‘Social upheaval’, in the sense of the transformation of belief and mind towards the inevitable overthrow of the Velayat-e-Faqih system, has passed through the veins, hearts, minds, and beliefs of many people in Iran.

The guarantee of the realization of a revolution is the continuation of an uprising based on the above-attained clauses.

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